Even Better Than The Real Thing
Are you tired of the real thing?
do you need some artificial love and attention
Are you weary of the same old silicon
horse hair vibrating hole standard invention
Did you spend all of your money on a real doll
but you learned that real doll love just ain't real enough
Are you waiting for her hips to shake or maybe anything
and her body still ain't budged
It's getting late and you're getting old
the same date routine just leaves you cold
And that blow-up doll just got another hole
and you are sick to death of always taking control
When the lube runs out its time for rashes to form
and you've memorized the universe of porn
And you need to send your real doll back its torn
cause it seems you're too rough when its time to explore
We got a new robot created for your pleasure,
and she's working night and day whatever time whatever weather
She's made to move all on her own and made to do whatever told
Made to be your lover wife and best friend, until you're old
She's made with real skin, genetically created
Its kind of like the jetsons if they made it X-rated
She produces blood cells, even makes saliva, she's
got real hair and teeth her tongue feels so enlivened
Her head has many microchips and memory banks
and every hole in her body has flavor filled tanks
So her vagina makes real vagina juice
and the compound we created mixes real vagina lube
And just like I said before saliva flavor's in her mouth
And her anus tastes like feces when you really go south
If tormenters at your school will give you hell in any classes
For never having girls, well this girl will beat their asses
And there are 40 settings of handjobs that she performs
And any sex position that you've ever seen in porn
800 moves are programmed, positions and scenerios
She's even made to dance to any music on your stereo
And she will sing along and even carry any octave.
And if you need intelligent conversing she's a talker
She's real open minded and she never judges weakness
And if you're curious her box converts into a penis
She's equipped with deeper voices in the lower pitches
She responds to anything and answers any wishes
She will cook and clean and even vacuum up all night
Performing any functions of the old 50's housewife
She speaks in any language and she acts like any culture
And if you leave your trash around she comes just like a vulture
Perfection is her mission and she's like the perfect model
And if you're needing upgrades check the catalog and call us.