N Might Shylama Llama Ding Dong's
Performed by Will and Jerry

This will be a concept? album. More or less just all the outtakes and remixes thrown in to a story with a parody of m night shylamma llama ding dong twist. The cover will be of will as a mad scientist with his wife as his nurse and jerry in liquid latex bald cap on the operating table in jerry's basement with krissie nearest to him. there will be fake blood everywhere and maybe a hack saw with fake hack saw wounds from a halloween website. If there's a video we should implement this scene as the main scene with more friends as aliens that got away, partying in their ufo. Jerry could be singing from the operating table at different angles and will can join him for the post-omega part or other parts. Then flashes of various things on hospital monitors such as xxx-rated atari games, lyrics, or what the lyrics are talking about, etc.

01. Introduction
02. Intoxicated Aliens
03. Robot Jelly (Creeper/Raw Mix)
04. Sick Like You
05. I Can't Quit
06. Alabama Love (Remix)
07. And If You Walk Yourself
08. Doggy Got Tail
09. Bestiality (Cuntry Mix)
10. Sheepin'
11. Dog Gone
12. I Never Knew
13. Aliens on Drugs, Again
14. Robot Jelly 2 (aka 'Masturbates to Larry Sherman')
15. Stupid Dance (Stupid Extended Mix)
16. Uncle Regis
17. Casey & The Sunshine Killers
18. Explaining Robot Jelly
19. He Doesn't Really
20. Time Out

01. Army of Me, Pt 1
02. Army of Me, Pt 2
03. Silly Suicide Song
04. 99 Ways To Die
05. Leprenecronomicotomonopia
06. Freakin' Hippies
07. Will's Animal Song
08. No Legs
09. Packin' Dong
10. Hitler (Wolfenstein Mix)
11. Robot Jelly (Jerry's Daft Mix)
12. Robot Jelly (Will's Acoustic Mix)
13. Robot Jelly (Jerry's Toy Orchestra Mix)
14. Robot Jelly (Will's City Tune Mix)
15. I Can't Drink Anymore

Plus Enhanced Computer Material listed on previous page.



intro track, full of vintage machinery sounds, later an operation table, bazaar alien scream(s), will as a mad scientist, and a hillbilly in the woods describing what he saw, with departure of his friend in full detail.

*alien scream*

will's psychotic laughter, "I'm gon try me some alien spleens!"

"well it was two balls past a pig's pecker when I saw them aliens come down to my bean field and suck my buddy up in the ole' trap door. said they took his mind cells and made a song of it. left him butt naked and he ran away with a geetar, pecker was just a flappin' in the wind, just a swayin' to and fro, my jaw was just a dropped. FROM THE ALIENS!!! Not, oh you think I'm a queer don't ya! Boy I tell you whut! Imma kick your...

*gets up to fight - chair falls over*

whoa-whoa-whoa... let's just listen to the song instead.


*ufo sounds*

high tech industrial mix with will's metal scream performing aliens on drugs with dramatic thumps / heavy lo techno vocals chopped & turned down, echoed?


"They left him a guitfiddle out in the field where they left him. One o them got caught and one o my boys done cut him up for dinner"

"Thoughts came and went and intermittantly so did feelings. I was left in a cornfield to become a decrepit old man until I reached some sort of epiphane. I didn't believe I was at fault. I was a little scared but not really. I wanted left alone. I felt wronged but could not explain. I was cold and I was getting hungry. I stumbled upon an abandoned tent and laid my guitfiddle aside. I sat in sweat as I could no longer connect my mind with the reality around me. Whatever these aliens gave me I could not explain. everything was different when I came back. very different. vivid. true. ugly."

Now for this hunger problem. There's a cooler full of beer and soda, and all kinds of animals. Guess I'm huntin'


MOTHER: I thought he was outside but I can't find him anywhere

FATHER: Crazy fuck probably ran away again. Did you check out in the field?

MOTHER: It's always so dark out there I hope you will stay with me this time

FATHER: Hey there he is chewin' on a goat or somethin'

MOTHER: Regis, why the hell didn't you yell back? Are you trying to talk to the aliens again


FATHER: Yeah, you hopin' they come fuck ya so you finally get laid?

MOTHER: Yeah *laughter* Why do you have that tent all set up way out here in the field? You can't jack off in your room so you buy a tent with who knows what money so you can do it all the way out here?

FATHER: This lawn ain't gonna mow itself you know and the dishes and floor look like a bunch a animals came in and shit a year ago and it smells like it too!

MOTHER: Hey are you ever going to quick that smoking, That's how your grandpa got lungs of char you know. And that's why grandma talked lower than grandpa. You're 30 it must be stressful with your crazy ass living with us right?

SON: I'm trying I'm trying


"I'm starting to get the feeling I'm gaining some sort of super powers from the abduction but they're too distorted to understand at the moment. When my parents take me out in their new/old pickup around the locals I either picture a local just by looking at him or her making out with their cousin or some sort of animal. I don't know if its their innermost desires or secrets or I'm just messed up in the head now. I guess it's legal to marry your cousin here in Alabama. There people kind of freak me out."


Living so far out here I tend to get bored, so I take my dog, which happens to be my only buddy, with me fishing. Whenever I catch a live fish I feed it to him, no skinning or filleting or cooking, just raw, and he gobbles it up like it's nothing.

*chewing sounds with small bone crunching*

"You know boy if you could feed yourself, walk yourself, and clean after yourself I'd be one happy man. I could probably date a little trailer park girl around here. "


It has come to my attention that there is a bitch coming. Excuse me boy, but you're in luck. Why don't you get up in there and yeah that's right sniff that ass, mount that bitch.


"That was some good pussy for a bitch and not a pussy". Excuse me? did my dog just talk to me, I know my dog didn't just talk to me. The locals are sure going to love this, that freak talks to dogs! Amazing. Not only can I see what they don't want me to see but I can talk to animals. I better get home and get to bed. Too bad this fishing pier is so far out I have to cut through the neighbor's farms and look like I'm trespassing. "Hey you". Ahh shit. hello? What the fuck. Nobody said anything. "Hey you sexy thang". It sounds like its that horse over there actually. "Yeah its me get over here". Okay I'm just going to pretend this isn't happening and go home. "You gotta cut through the barn, and we're all waiting to see that sexy ass come through you know". This has to be the act of a farmer fucking with me. But he's right I have to cut through the barn. Hopefully the farmer doesn't rape me in the butt or something.

*Whistles* Overlapping Voices: "Hey big daddy you can mate with me whenever and wherever no one has to know..." "Won't you come in my stahl you sexy bitch and milk me like a cow" "Hey there old man I'd sure like it if you gave ME a bone" Okay this is freaking me out a little bit but I'm just going to keep walking. Aaaand now they're blocking my exit. What the hell guys I understand you can talk and I'm probably the only one that can hear you but I don't fuck animals you're going to have to haunt someone else. "But no one has to know. Just think about this, our owner is gone to another state to get our feed, he fucks us too, you ain't got no girlfriend we heard you talking to your little puppy over there" "Okay the puppy is 5 years old" "Just... live a little. We'll make sure you have a good time" I knew this guy named Joe Hail that did the same and they made his life a living hell over it. I really don't want to be that guy. "That guy was caught. We'll make sure you're not caught. It'll be one hell of an interspecies orgy." Oh alright block the doors, will you let me go when I'm done. "Don't worry, we'll show you a good time and let you go, then you can come back whenever you want" I highly doubt I'll be back through this way now but let's get this over with. "Oh you have the wrong frame of mine"



"Well that wasn't so bad was it" Wellll not at all I think I liked it. There's sheep in that farm on the way home right? I think I might pay them a visit. It'll be kinkier if its out in the open!


Hey boy... almost home. Hey I know let's go in the garage for a second.

FATHER: Hey Regis get down here

MOTHER: I think he's outside fishing like you do to avoid me oh how do you put it "bitching". Your son talks you know

FATHER: Eh. I just. Sometimes you can just

MOTHER: Well that's why soon it'll just be you guys, cause I'm gone. You and your crazy son can enjoy it away from civilization where you need to be and I'll be in New York living it up with all your money how does that sound?

FATHER: I don't even really need to talk to be in big trouble constantly so I honestly can't wait.

MOTHER: Aww. Well now all you have to do is work fish and sleep. Occasionally you can get on craigslist and fuck a teenager again!

FATHER TO HIMSELF: God damn. Just go quick jeez.

MOTHER: I heard that. I think I will. Do you still want half of your money or do I need more hmm let's see, I really don't want Regis to live with MORE of a lowlife. But you're pushing it motherfucker.

*door shuts behind father*

FATHER: Well let's see what Regis is doing...


Let's get inside and find you a date on the internet from around here. This whole fucking the dog thing isn't going to help you out much in life son. I used to fuck dogs like I said and that's why I thought your mom was the best thing to ever happen to me.

Now, son this is craigslist. This is where I find all my mystresses. Most of them are your age so get to clicking!I'll help you with your ad just give me a second I need to go smack your mom around some more... We are in Alabama after all.


I just keep seeing the same fishing trip come in pieces, with the figure of a man ALIENS ON DRUGS, AGAIN




just after he freaks out, this song is after all just a memory, and a guy named Casey comes to the rescue (KC & The Sunshine Band) and offers him a solution, kill everything that doesn't make you happy. he sings a light soft hippy song that turns into a gut-wrenching angry song called "Casey and the Sunshine Killers" younger regis, the main character, who must have been named after his uncle, goes to find his grandmother and tell her what happened in his youth. Along the way he rounds up a posse to help him kill them and one stays behind yelling "they'll never believe you you crazy fuck" the others comfort him in this wrongful thing to be said and follow him. On his way he meets a nerdy guy that explains what the aliens did to him, why he possibly keeps having reoccurring flashes from the past just now showing themselves, and what robot jelly does, which is what they used to pull the song from his head, including all of its side effects that humans can't handle like seeing more or less people's whole lives just by looking at them, only in fragments since we can't handle it. the main character asks him if they can do a song together "He Doesn't Really" <- I have a pencil, I have a pen. I can put my own clothes on, my mother's very proud. Then he talks about an experiment with time freezing that he's working on... then the song TIME OUT a new one I wrote plays, about freezing time and how I always wanted to in class. Army of Me Pt1 is another story he tells in third person, along with finally Army of Me Pt2 FINALLY REDONE AND RELEASED!!! then the big finish... when younger regis arrives at his grandma's the twist kicks in...







...basically there was no uncle regis, and there was only him, who is an uncle, he realizes he's a lot older when he gets to the house, as if he lost 20 years of his life. he also realizes he's in the exact spot where the first invasion happened, and the aliens are coming back. instead of letting them snippet his brain once he realized those images of uncle regis were him and more memories are opening... he didn't want a third song made, and decides to kill off the aliens whose powers are too much for him, and selfishly traps one as the others get away. the alien becomes the alien on the cover and you're uncle regis cutting him up... OR the beginning scene where the same exact thing in the same exact place happens. the alien as he dies says "we all knooooooooow...." and you decide that maybe suicide is the right option, so the type o negative parody "i just want to die" kicks in, retitled "silly suicide song" then once the character decides to chicken out and just run, the last story song comes offering many different torturous ways to die, and at the end he just gets shot or something (haven't figured out the end) but I remember it ends saying "maybe these aliens were an act of god, sent in different locations to different spots to help the minds of the hurt and seek vengence on those who do it. maybe it was all in his head. but the child's life is shown never experiencing uncle regis, as if he never existed" then to fix the disturbed sick feeling you get it jumps to "but one thing's for sure, someone's been messin' round with them cows. them cows just aren't the same. yep, someone's definetly been fucking dem there cows" then it cuts to Leprenecronomicotomonopia and has the remaining remixes and outtakes.



This concludes the story section of the album... just ends with another gibberish song and cuts to more outtakes and remixes. see tracklist above.