[WJ01]: N Might Shylama Llama Ding Dong's "Robot Jelly" EP
[WJ02]: The Primitive Collection 2LP - future rerelease idea /w changes
[WJ03]: Ghetto Mario and the Lost Ninja Turtles EP
[WJ04]: Cult Classics: The Death of Will and Jerry EP
[WJ05]: NSFW (Not Safe For Work) 2LP
[WJ06]: The Tales of Zitfaced Gooberf-ck EP
[WJ07]: The Crassy Noel: A Will and Jerry XMAS LP
[WJ08]: Take Me To Your Leader EP (JERRY)
[WJ09]: Outlandish 2LP (One CD Will/One CD Jerry/Mostly Comedy)
[WJ10]: Shut Up And Get Along EP (JERRY)
[WJ11]: Third EP (WILL)
[WJ12]: Fourth EP (WILL)
[WJ13]: Outlandish Remixes (Plus Remix Kits on Disc B)

Okay so I'm not wanting to rip off but to closely imitate trent reznor's thing where he puts out chronologically numbered albums singles and videos in order for collectors to have a clean and neat way to show off that they own them all. That obviously can't be copyrighted, hell it could also be viewed as a parody of his work. But he's a more recent inspiration obviously, therefore I wanted to try something similar. ICP has joker's cards, and led zeppelin has I-IV. We can break this for singles and whatnot, and bootleg our own shows for the hell of it. It can also mean more sales than just albums for people who are really into us.

Robot Jelly - storyline, misc outtakes, gibberish, related @ end.
Primitive Collection - basically everything we started with, hence the name
Ghetto Mario - storyline, kids stuff mixed with adult stuff like the movie cube
Cult Classics - Dark, death, morbid for humor, silly goth parodies, type o style parody
NSFW - sex, demented disturbing sex songs, funny sex stuff, all adult, wtf sex stuff
Zitfaced Gooberfuck - The nerd songs album, being nerdy, backwardsness of the planet, geek trends, nerd sex/lack of, Take Me To Your Leader - Space album with anything else we want after space portion
Shut Up And Get Along - Peace,Sex,Violence,Unity,etc... OR Fan Mixes of album if we're big enough and enough are made to choose from facebook, etc

ROBOT JELLY_WJ01 = The enhanced material will basically be more outtakes: Hey Dude (Karaoke), Yo Yo Body Groovin', Ass 2 Mouth Dawg, Bangin' Sluts Demo Live, I Never Knew (Radio Edit feat Will), Doom Song,, all of the Primitive Collection lyrics, my wolfenstein hack featuring the taliban and obama, called "The Conspiracy" linked up to play immediately when the button is pressed after insertion of the disc, and the ROBOT JELLY Instrumental & Acapella for remixing.

TPC_WJ02 = if ever rereleased for money I'm cutting and fixing tracks and adding the lyrics and the old versions of the album in mp3 format on the data portion of the second disc. it will be set to load as the disc is placed in the tray and eject is pushed. the menu will just start.

MARIO_WJ03 = I was thinking of going crazy with this one. Since Will and Jerry is the biggest amount of fame I've ever gotten... I wanted to fill the second disc, a dvd, with all computer files. The entire primitive collection album in acapella and instrumentals for remixers to post their remixes online in the future, All song lyrics again with their accompanying info, all of my mario hack experiments, Noisebox minus anything with words (icp/other remixes) plus my people song, anything from your past you want to give away, be it old photos or the first foulface album, old concert footage, home videos, etc. Our first filmed live performance compatible with ipod, AND the first four Cherry Rounders issues (The Return, Downward Spiral, and Second Coming of Cherry Rounders :: Cherry Rounders Sings The ABCs of Crime :: Over the Border with Cherry Rounders :: Cherry Rounders Returns to the Desert) Since I don't really have the money to ever release these yet and I wanted to give fans of will and jerry more to hold them over until the next album.

WJ04_CULTCLASSICS = all of the acapellas and instrumentals of the NSFW album in 256kbps MP3 format instead of Wave. I want to release these on CD-ROM instead of DVD at the exact same time the album comes out, so they won't know it exists and can't spend a few days linking them together to create the album free. If they still do more power to them I guess!

NSFW_WJ05 = not much except all of the lyrics, because both of these discs will be packed as close to the edge as possible. The lyrics will still be online for all albums, BUT not everyone has the net that can get their hands on these. any small outtakes in mp3 format can also go here, as well as photos of us, concert photos, and artwork

WJ06_ZITFACEDGOOBERFUCK = Since this is the nerd album and all of the other releases are 2cd I want to follow suit. ALL 8-bit creations I've done and any you want to add for fun... SONGS FROM ORION ONE THRU FIVE ALL TOGETHER for 8-bit nerds like me and our remixer stu that made 30 mixes so far to cream over.

WJ08_TAKEMETOYOURLEADER = Cherry Rounders in Space (4-Album Story)

WJ09_OUTLANDISH1LP = Full album in instrumentals and acapellas for remixers to have at it

WJ10_SHUTUPANDGETALONG = Cherry Rounders: Politically Correct (5-Album Story)

These are the plans for the first seven releases. WJ01-WJ07.
WJ01, Robot Jelly, has a green background with black as the text. WJ02, golden yellow background with black as the text. WJ03, dark blue background with white as the text with mario 8-bit icon on the left. WJ04, cult classics black background with green text. WJ05, NSFW red background with black text. bold NSFW and non-bold NOT SAFE FOR WORK. WJ06indigo background with white or black text - whatever looks better. WJ07, red background with light (or other, or white) green text for christmas.

Robot Jelly Cover - Will as mad scientist drenched in blood with hacksaw. Jerry as alien with bald cap and liquid latex with hacksaw scars and blood everywhere. Crystal as will's nurse, in krissie's vision his "sexy" nurse. Krissie helping work on jerry to the left or right side of the table. various alien shots with and without alien friends inside album possibly but not required.

Ghetto Mario and the Lost Ninja Turtles Cover - Newgrounds:Cope 2K, pay $100 for ghetto mario and mc escher with other eight turtles in background.

Cult Classics: The Death of Will & Jerry Cover - Jerry and Will in green tint in dirt graves or coffins or something else looking dead. cover is made to look like a type o negative cover. lots of green on black with white text. humorous homage to old goth bands

NSFW Cover - Will and Jerry in arabian diapers in desert facing the other way holding hands with possibly the "net troll" guy covering their heads.

Zitfaced Gooberfuck Cover - not sure yet, probably an art piece from someone asked at newgrounds different than cope2k (a different style more abstract)