Nuttin Butt Luv 4 My Homiez
Just poured a couple of appletinis boys Lets get to drinkin
You guys wanna get hard for this song, just get ready
They said we had to be hard for this song
You feel me, feel me up, nice and tight, just like that
They call me the king of vasoline, with an ass so mean
A lean cuisine, it's so obscene, I'm polishing my 9
9 inches of love, me and my boys, we love you long time
Swift gangbangin' be the crime, a rat-a-tat-tat
A rub-a-dub-dub lets all hop in the tub
thugs love my new shampoo its urban essence, herbal and pleasant
I dropped the soap so where's my present? Where's the dillydo
I hear a drive-by, its all familiar yo. We're grabbin our glocks
We're grippin' our cocks, its time to pay the pipers, its time to put on diapers
and dance like an all-nighter. It's herby G's ride they're bumping and fiddling in the trunk. Lookin' for some ass I say its high time we fucked em all up
When I was livin' lone deep out in the backwoods, it was fuck or be fucked
even sisters and uncles should, always said when I grew up I'm gonna play it hardcore
and now I'm here, here and forever, in ghetto love porn
I got mad lottery, I peel off caps and win free coke. and if you wanna beef, then
you'll be bound to get your chicken choked. I'll pork you sausage style, stuffed like
turkey in the rump roast. Cookin' it on high till the hot dog explodes.
When I'm strollin' through the valley bustin' mushroom caps
Where all my homies talk that shit because I let em eat my ass
Not because they foamin' at the mouth from hatin' me in spite
Already told to go and fuck myself so much like we're hermaphrodites
Fo shizzle you sizzle my pizzle till I jizzle, drizzle drizzle
Leggo my nuavo, a-hole, I got boys in San Diego
We got big members to dismember you just like that
Custom-tailored with leather holsters for begals and a cream cheese pack
We got rags, leather lugs, and jet black vinyl gloves
Our members are growing, we're spreadin' that gangbang love
And if you don't want us gettin' busted, keep low profiles
Hot discreet action, south side, and don't forget to smile
You feel me, you feel me all up, you feelin' me for real
We all tight like bondage and we hard like steel
I'm representin' yo ass so now you represent mine
And when we gonna group up just throw them gangbangin' signs
Me and my posse, we flossin' like towels in the gym
And we the illest rhyme sayers of all gangs of men
We'll dirty sanchez your ass like it ain't shit but a brownie
Peepin' out them boxers, got our one eyes on the bounty
Got weed on my sack, extasy in my crack
So bend over cause its time to pop a gap in that ass
I said one, to the two, to the three, to the four, get your knees on the floor.
we gotta wet that ass and get down, gotta pound that ass to the ground
We headed down south, deep down in the dirty sewage pipes
In that underground realm, where we all good and tight.
My homiez G-spot, little johnson, and slim jim
Eddie cheddar, happy and jiggly G will fill you in
And leave you with a grin, wipin' yo chin
Screamin' that crew best come again, and we out
Like Jason Alexander in the magazines, in our pink limosine
Causin' scenes like the doggystyle double jism shot on the big screen
Hot carl, donkey punch on the big screen.
Chili dog and hot lunch on the big screen
Hot log pushin mud with the vasoline
Hot loads make you scream like a drug fiend

Even Better Than The Real Thing
Are you tired of the real thing?
do you need some artificial love and attention
Are you weary of the same old silicon
horse hair vibrating hole standard invention
Did you spend all of your money on a real doll
but you learned that real doll love just ain't real enough
Are you waiting for her hips to shake or maybe anything
and her body still ain't budged
It's getting late and you're getting old
the same date routine just leaves you cold
And that blow-up doll just got another hole
and you are sick to death of always taking control
When the lube runs out its time for rashes to form
and you've memorized the universe of porn
And you need to send your real doll back its torn
cause it seems you're too rough when its time to explore
We got a new robot created for your pleasure,
and she's working night and day whatever time whatever weather
She's made to move all on her own and made to do whatever told
Made to be your lover wife and best friend, until you're old
She's made with real skin, genetically created
Its kind of like the jetsons if they made it X-rated
She produces blood cells, even makes saliva, she's
got real hair and teeth her tongue feels so enlivened
Her head has many microchips and memory banks
and every hole in her body has flavor filled tanks
So her vagina makes real vagina juice
and the compound we created mixes real vagina lube
And just like I said before saliva flavor's in her mouth
And her anus tastes like feces when you really go south
If tormenters at your school will give you hell in any classes
For never having girls, well this girl will beat their asses
And there are 40 settings of handjobs that she performs
And any sex position that you've ever seen in porn
800 moves are programmed, positions and scenerios
She's even made to dance to any music on your stereo
And she will sing along and even carry any octave.
And if you need intelligent conversing she's a talker
She's real open minded and she never judges weakness
And if you're curious her box converts into a penis
She's equipped with deeper voices in the lower pitches
She responds to anything and answers any wishes
She will cook and clean and even vacuum up all night
Performing any functions of the old 50's housewife
She speaks in any language and she acts like any culture
And if you leave your trash around she comes just like a vulture
Perfection is her mission and she's like the perfect model
And if you're needing upgrades check the catalog and call us.

Kept On Drivin'
And I felt so wretched, had to take a big ole' shit
Didn't think I'd make it home, so I decided I would quit
Drove my car to the shoulder, took a turn at the rest stop
Ran into the men's restroom, where I expelled a greasy plop
Went outside for a soda, I was short just 20 cents
Then a stranger offered money and he said "I'd like to suck your dick"
So I ran like a man, with car keys out inside my hand
Kept my dignity and pride, and my soda in a can
got inside my car again, but as I looked ahead of me, I saw I didn't run too fast
Because the car in front of me, became the car behind my ass
So I just kept on drivin' as his car crept up on me
Sure he didn't take the hint and he just had the hots for me
I just kept on drivin, drove around while switchin lanes
Sped up faster but his lights still shine so bright upon my face
I just kept on drivin, as he sped right up on me
Surely he should know by now I am afraid he just can't see
I just kept on drivin, cause he wants to suck on me
I don't want him suckin me, but he just keeps on following
And I drove to my exit, didn't signal I just swerved
There he is trailing behind, man, this is gettin' on my nerves
I kept drivin' and a drivin' held the horn and let it sound
as i drove by my own house but there is no one there around
so i drove a big ole' circle just to prove myself correct
he was right there right behind me cause he really wants the dick
and i found a gravel road and i kept drivin' really fast
thought i'd lose him but alas he was still right there behind my ass
So I drove by my home and honked the time one time again
It must have been three times I did I was afraid he'd know where I lived
So I honked in different places to persuade him to be confused
I drove 90, he's still behind me, I am really not amused
So I kept on drivin' so I'd get to the police
But alas he didn't catch up when I looked right behind me
So I made a quick right turn and then I lost him yes I think
pulled into a parking lot and killed the lights waitin' to see. (Solo)
He just kept on drivin cause he seemed to lose my sight
He went straight when I turned right when I got to that last stop light
so I just kept on drivin turned around to go right home
I just left the 50 year old man to be drivin' all alone
I just kept on drivin' I won't let him suck my dick
Though I saw him followin' me yet again and I got pissed
He just kept on drivin' when I made a turn again
Luckily it wasn't him I didn't see my friend again
I just kept on drivin' finally found my damn cellphone
but it was dead anyway, so instead I just drove home
I just kept on drivin' I kept lookin behind me
he was lonely and real devoted, really wanted to suck on me
and I just kept on drivin' and he kept on drivin' too
seems no matter what I did he stayed behind me just to prove
and I just kept on drivin' hopin he'd leave me alone
finally I lost the old man and I drove scared all the way home

Alabama Love
Alabama knows how to party, Alabama knows how to party
With your sister or your brother, with your uncle or your mother
With your grandma or your cousin, with your father, father or daughter
Alabama Lovin' Just keep it in the family, Alabama Lovin' Keep it in the family
Yo let me welcome every family to this wild wild sex
In a state that's notorious for its incest
A simple drink of moonshine gets you feelin' that buzz
So pack a rubber for your jimmy cause its time to get loved
We keep our sunshine smiles with ... masses in union
In the state where you find the best dates at family reunions
And pimpin' nieces is the mission to be gettin' the greens
You will see what I mean when I say we're sex fiends
I've been in this state for 10 years bangin my fam
Ever since my relatives bought that video cam
Now its 2009, and they kiss me and hug me
Heinies shinin' lookin' like I robbed a bowling ball family
Its all good from the north border down to pheonix
Anything with a vag, loves anything with a penis
Sound a mating call, or hold up an empty jelly tub
We're all puttin' it down for Alabama Love
Alabama knows how to party, Alabama knows knows how to party
With your sister or your brother, with your uncle or your mother
With your grandma or your cousin, with your father, father or your daughter
Just keep it in the family Out on bail, fresh outta jail Alabama dreamin'
Soon as I stepped out I hear my cousin Annie screamin'
Fiending for a willy and some alcohol
The life of a family player in a fresh pair of overalls
Only in Alabama or maybe kentucky,
can I go to baby showers and everybody wanna fuck me
Dressed in plad and blue jeans and ride is what we do
Tossin' salad more than what you'll find in the homemade food
Famous cause we take it in the anus statewide
Let em recognize a member of their family and fantisize
bumpin' and grinding like a ho-down its phoenix side yo
You know the girls of the family won't bow down to outside folks
Say what you wanna say but give me that video camera from uncle dave
Let me serenade my aunt betty in the sheets today
From Michael Bolton to Elvis to Kenny G
So many songs can be so damn sexy
Family is where we put the mack down, Alabama Love
Lucky that this slim hat fits me like a glove
Today I had my aunt betty and my cousin thelma lou
And tonight I'll put the moves on my younger daughter too
And my madre's madre, and her uncle's second cousin
Everybody gets a chance when its Alabama lovin'
Across the border there's no other state but kentucky again
Thats so down with imbreeding like its a dying wish
But in Alabama we're not down with Beastiality
Real people make a better lay when consensual at least
And in trailer parks orgies are known to exist
No other state has kindergarden kids so premiscuous

Aliens on Drugs
The sky is turning orange and I'm sitting on my car
Waiting for a plane to fly above and soar
Looking to the stars that are fading in the haze
Thinking of my life, feeling locked in a cage
Sent to do a mission, got a tree to cut down
I'm parked in this cornfield and no one is around
They'll be wondering why I didn't bring the saw
They'll be getting angry when it still stands tall
Whatever I tell them they will never be believing
Any future tellings that I don't remember leaving
I'm here in my solitude laying in the cold
Bleeding from the mind while I'm breathing from the soul
But I saw a star isolated from the rest
A glowing, growing hole where the heavens manifest
reflecting so much that it shines on the rust
Shooting to the ground to be buried in the dust
out comes a little man skinny bald and blue
he can hear the beat when my car goes boom
i can see his friends and they break it down too
i can see them don't really know what to do
do they come in peace, well they surely look fun
maybe i should dance, no maybe I should run
the spaceship it looks like a giant disco ball
with a rave party going on behind its shiny walls
just before I knew it I heart rustling sounds
seems a big distraction gave them room to make a rounds
a couple stood beside me and they offered me some pills
another had some jelly that he rubbed on his gills
another had a bottle that was full of tiny balls
another had a vial dripping drops on his jaw
another had a needle and a cylinder of ooze