01 Aliens on Drugs 02 Robot Jelly 03 Robot Jelly (Daft Mix) 04 Robot Jelly (Acoustic) 05 Aliens on Drugs II 06 Robot Jelly II 07 Uncle Regis 08 I Can't Quit 09 Packin Dong 10 Sick Like You 11 He Doesn't Really 12 Masturbates to Larry Sherman 13 Leprenecronomicomnimonopia 14 Robot Jelly (Instrumental) 15 Robot Jelly (Acapella) 33 Hey Dude (Parody) 66 Stroke My Bone (Parody) 99 Imagine (Parody)
This album is not up for ordering yet. It is still to be manufactured because two songs haven't been recorded. It was meant to be released before the primitive collection, but who's keeping track. it doesn't really make a difference.

Disc One 01 Charles Manson's Epic Question 02 Nuttin Butt Luv 4 My Homiez 03 Even Better Than The Real Thing 04 Kept On Drivin 05 Alabama Love 06 Aliens on Drugs 07 Robot Jelly 08 Smooth Mario Mix 09 Little Tea Party of Horrors 10 Hitler Was a Friend of Mine 11 I Never Knew (You Were A Hermaphrodite) 12 The Lost Ninja Turtles 13 MC Escher 14 Beastiality 15 Army of Me, Part I 16 Froze in the 80s 17 Super Breakout cx2608 18 PC Terrorists 19 Will Someone Please? 20 Naked With Knives Disc Two 01 Story for my People 02 Gayness For Your Anus 03 Channel Surf Skit 04 If I Can Get The Loan 05 Shitty Store Ditty 06 Grocery Storey 07 Like A Cannibal 08 Dick 09 Gilligan's Castle 10 Straight Nursery Rhymin 11 The Creditors 12 On Fire 13 Dying My Love 14 Stupid Dance in my Stupid Pants 15 That Grandma Song 16 The Tortellinis 17 Zombie Love 18 Killing For The Savior 19 N.A.M.B.L.A. 20 Sweet World 21 NC-17 22 Along The Riverbed
If you would like to order this album, just send $5 shipping and handling to Jerry Lehr Jr 9018 N Herbemont Rd Monrovia IN 46157 and leave a note telling me which album you're wanting.

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