November 16, 2012
Well it's been almost two years since the release of "The Primitive Collection", and Will is back in Afganistan for a while. I had thought about a lot of different EP ideas I could co-release with TPC, and I have narrowed them down to just a few full discs, and the possibility of a 12" vinyl for collectors but it might be too early for something like that. Here in a couple of months I'm going to set up my own home studio and pump out some remixes of W+J and some new songs requiring Will's added vocals soon awaiting his comeback. I haven't really gotten around to any video editing but I did have an idea for an "Even Better Than The Real Thing" video.

July 31, 2012
A trip through all of Northern Indiana is soon in the agenda of Jerry, but before then a redo of the website is in order. Now with concert footage and tons of photos, the time to listen to and write down all of the lyrics, and many other things, I've decided to simply pull a redo. The previous page was never finished, it had just this news page, so I decided this time to pull an all-nighter three days in a row perhaps and flood it with content, finally. In other news I thoroughly enjoyed putting on the concert and wish I had more songs lined up, which when will gets back, will happen. I'm going to save for a big screen tv and use my multimedia degree skills to present background video dubbed with the instrumentals to sing or rap to.

July 20, 2012
It's been quite a while in Will and Jerry events. First off, the album is online for free, secondly, tomorrow is our third CONCERT! That's right Will has been putting on concerts for years but Jerry finally came through. Will is being shipped away for a long second time to another country for the national guards, and Jerry is left alone again deciding what to do this time. A Side Project formed from a joke side band during the last band I was in, Noose, is now active and growing. It's called "Cherry Rounders" and it's a cartoon that goes through adventures. It's insane but locals and weirdos might like it! This is Jerry guaranteeing a lot of work went into Cherry this time, and it is no longer just a joke. So this will be Jerry's side project for the year following Will's temporary departure. More W&J songs have been made since the primitive collection album, which rough drafts of are available on reverbnation at our facebook page and also here. Also if you would still like a free physical copy of the primitive collection, then HURRY and get ahold of one of us on facebook or email, because they're almost gone!

April 12, 2011
For a few months now, the album has been out and being distributed free in the mail and in various locations in indianapolis to unsuspecting bypassers. The response has been minimal but there have been no bad reviews so far from those small responses we got. If you received your copy please find "will and jerry" on facebook and let us know how you liked it. We're being interviewed this friday on at 8:15 on the wild west show and we're being reviewed on also. Will is making some shirts at that I didn't know about on our profile and I'm thinking of recruiting our album cover artist to make some professional ones. We had fun passing out CDs in various locations and I'm glad that people are enjoying them. If you would like a copy sent to you just ask on facebook. If you search will and jerry we're the first result.

February 14, 2011
Happy Valentine's Day! As some of you know, the Will and Jerry album has arrived at our houses and is ready to ship! If you're a family member or a friend from facebook at the time of its release that requested a free copy, you will be getting your free copy without shipping costs in the mail soon. If you were not on my facebook page at the time of its release, you can still get it free but you have to pay shipping. To order your free Will and Jerry album, just send $5 shipping to:
Jerry Lehr, Jr
9018 N Herbemont Rd
Monrovia IN 46157

We hope you enjoy your album as much as we enjoyed making it. And be sure to stay following us for the Robot Jelly EP. It was planned to be released before the current double album, but we decided to record two more songs.

January 1, 2011
We've decided to have everything ready for our double cd digipak January 31st, 2011. Those promised a free copy will still receive one, but we are going to put a small $5 price tag on those that weren't. We will not be cutting down. Instead we're really going through with making 1000 copies. At first I backed down because I wanted to pay for a second album and I wouldn't have had enough. Then a german company stole money from my bank account. Now Will is pitching in half so we're doing it. Also I'm putting out a single for Robot Jelly myself, and for now the quantity will be 50 in digipak. I'll make more if there's a bigger demand than planned. This one won't be free.

September 22, 2010
The finishing touches have been applied to the tracklists of the double album. It will in fact be made. For free. Next on my agenda is translating the lyrics over to the lyrics page slowly and getting that taken care of. Will has ok'd the tracklists with the comment "Sweet". There are also forums to peruse and contribute to, ranging from Will and Jerry to Cherry Rounders to music genres and musician's forums. The double album will hopefully be finished by December as a christmas time present for all.

August 4, 2010
Will just got back from fighting in Afganistan two weeks ago. We have finally settled on how we're going to release this album. Since its free, we're not opting for 1000 copies of a double digipak with custom artwork, printed lyrics, and a jukebox for the mp3 portion. Instead, we chose the white trash route. You're still going to get a digipak but its a single disc, and we're only making 100 for now. There is no jukebox and the lyrics will be posted on the website. The artwork is being done by a friend, the same friend that did our Cherry Rounders artwork.