Nuttin Butt Luv 4 My Homiez
Just poured a couple of appletinis boys Lets get to drinkin
You guys wanna get hard for this song, just get ready
They said we had to be hard for this song
You feel me, feel me up, nice and tight, just like that
They call me the king of vasoline, with an ass so mean
A lean cuisine, it's so obscene, I'm polishing my 9
9 inches of love, me and my boys, we love you long time
Swift gangbangin' be the crime, a rat-a-tat-tat
A rub-a-dub-dub lets all hop in the tub
thugs love my new shampoo its urban essence, herbal and pleasant
I dropped the soap so where's my present? Where's the dillydo
I hear a drive-by, its all familiar yo. We're grabbin our glocks
We're grippin' our cocks, its time to pay the pipers, its time to put on diapers
and dance like an all-nighter. It's herby G's ride they're bumping and fiddling in the trunk.
Lookin' for some ass I say its high time we fucked em all up
When I was livin' lone deep out in the backwoods, it was fuck or be fucked
even sisters and uncles should, always said when I grew up I'm gonna play it hardcore
and now I'm here, here and forever, in ghetto love porn
I got mad lottery, I peel off caps and win free coke. and if you wanna beef, then
you'll be bound to get your chicken choked. I'll pork you sausage style, stuffed like
turkey in the rump roast. Cookin' it on high till the hot dog explodes.
When I'm strollin' through the valley bustin' mushroom caps
Where all my homies talk that shit because I let em eat my ass
Not because they foamin' at the mouth from hatin' me in spite
Already told to go and fuck myself so much like we're hermaphrodites
Fo shizzle you sizzle my pizzle till I jizzle, drizzle drizzle
Leggo my nuavo, a-hole, I got boys in San Diego
We got big members to dismember you just like that
Custom-tailored with leather holsters for begals and a cream cheese pack
We got rags, leather lugs, and jet black vinyl gloves
Our members are growing, we're spreadin' that gangbang love
And if you don't want us gettin' busted, keep low profiles
Hot discreet action, south side, and don't forget to smile
You feel me, you feel me all up, you feelin' me for real
We all tight like bondage and we hard like steel
I'm representin' yo ass so now you represent mine
And when we gonna group up just throw them gangbangin' signs
Me and my posse, we flossin' like towels in the gym
And we the illest rhyme sayers of all gangs of men
We'll dirty sanchez your ass like it ain't shit but a brownie
Peepin' out them boxers, got our one eyes on the bounty
Got weed on my sack, extasy in my crack
So bend over cause its time to pop a gap in that ass
I said one, to the two, to the three, to the four, get your knees on the floor.
we gotta wet that ass and get down, gotta pound that ass to the ground
We headed down south, deep down in the dirty sewage pipes
In that underground realm, where we all good and tight.
My homiez G-spot, little johnson, and slim jim
Eddie cheddar, happy and jiggly G will fill you in
And leave you with a grin, wipin' yo chin
Screamin' that crew best come again, and we out
Like Jason Alexander in the magazines, in our pink limosine
Causin' scenes like the doggystyle double jism shot on the big screen
Hot carl, donkey punch on the big screen.
Chili dog and hot lunch on the big screen
Hot log pushin mud with the vasoline
Hot loads make you scream like a drug fiend