Kept On Drivin'
And I felt so wretched, had to take a big ole' shit
Didn't think I'd make it home, so I decided I would quit
Drove my car to the shoulder, took a turn at the rest stop
Ran into the men's restroom, where I expelled a greasy plop
Went outside for a soda, I was short just 20 cents
Then a stranger offered money and he said "I'd like to suck your dick"
So I ran like a man, with car keys out inside my hand
Kept my dignity and pride, and my soda in a can
got inside my car again, but as I looked ahead of me, I saw I didn't run too fast
Because the car in front of me, became the car behind my ass
So I just kept on drivin' as his car crept up on me
Sure he didn't take the hint and he just had the hots for me
I just kept on drivin, drove around while switchin lanes
Sped up faster but his lights still shine so bright upon my face
I just kept on drivin, as he sped right up on me
Surely he should know by now I am afraid he just can't see
I just kept on drivin, cause he wants to suck on me
I don't want him suckin me, but he just keeps on following
And I drove to my exit, didn't signal I just swerved
There he is trailing behind, man, this is gettin' on my nerves
I kept drivin' and a drivin' held the horn and let it sound
as i drove by my own house but there is no one there around
so i drove a big ole' circle just to prove myself correct
he was right there right behind me cause he really wants the dick
and i found a gravel road and i kept drivin' really fast
thought i'd lose him but alas he was still right there behind my ass
So I drove by my home and honked the time one time again
It must have been three times I did I was afraid he'd know where I lived
So I honked in different places to persuade him to be confused
I drove 90, he's still behind me, I am really not amused
So I kept on drivin' so I'd get to the police
But alas he didn't catch up when I looked right behind me
So I made a quick right turn and then I lost him yes I think
pulled into a parking lot and killed the lights waitin' to see. (Solo)
He just kept on drivin cause he seemed to lose my sight
He went straight when I turned right when I got to that last stop light
so I just kept on drivin turned around to go right home
I just left the 50 year old man to be drivin' all alone
I just kept on drivin' I won't let him suck my dick
Though I saw him followin' me yet again and I got pissed
He just kept on drivin' when I made a turn again
Luckily it wasn't him I didn't see my friend again
I just kept on drivin' finally found my damn cellphone
but it was dead anyway, so instead I just drove home
I just kept on drivin' I kept lookin behind me
he was lonely and real devoted, really wanted to suck on me
and I just kept on drivin' and he kept on drivin' too
seems no matter what I did he stayed behind me just to prove
and I just kept on drivin' hopin he'd leave me alone
finally I lost the old man and I drove scared all the way home