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Got a tax return to the wrong address
So I put on a wig and I picked out a dress
Had all the mail fed'exed with an American Express
got a Fake ID, The Foreigners do it best

Got a pimped out grocery cart, one of a kind
put on my leather fur and goat skin coats one at a time
so many cigarettes I sound just like monoxide child
i'm pullin two carts in, fuck fillin' one and retirin'
aisle 6 first off i'm needing crackers and cheese
then headin' over to seven, they got the shit that i need
the rold gold, the cheetos man, and doritos in cans
they runnin' low on bologna, cause thats the shit in demand

In the potpourri aisle i see old ladies and smile
I'm lookin through the vhs's for the gilligan's island
But lets not get off the track I'm getting back to the grub
I need some ice cream, some cheese cake, and a cool whip tub
I'm gonna sit and get fat eatin them sweets and snacks
I'm goin' home to watch oprah.. prolly have a heart attack
Real potato skins, deep fried with sour cream and chives
Gotta think of my kitty, I'm breakin' out with the 9 lives.

Got a pussy in my crib waitin' for a treat
Got a pussy in my crib needin' somethin' to eat
Got a pussy in my pen purrin' waitin' to rub
Got a pussy in my pen furry waitin' to love
Got that pussy on my mind and it's waitin' for me
Got that pussy on my mind and she's sheddin' clean
Got a pussy in my bed always licks my feet
Got a pussy in my bed sleepin, waitin' for meat

and my girl's got a dog and he's waitin' for her
and the dog's lays down for the licking of the fur
always tries to get the pussy never leaves it alone
and she's awaiting my arrival just to bring the bone
we'll be waiting and hoping till it becomes full-grown
and when he's pleased we know he'll show it with mouth of foam
and when the foreign intruders come busting through the dome
he'll make a loud moan (..sound..) until then they're running for home

Waitin' in line for like ten minutes and counting
i'm getting back to the hunting and now its time for the bounty
or maybe this time the charmin who knows i'll probably get kleenex
scott, mardi gras, napkins, whatever does the best
i need some chicken ramen noodles with some beef bullion
i need some microwave dinners i wonder if they got fillet minion
onion rings, chicken tenders, mozerella sticks
imitation crab meat, grilled shrimp and fish
aisle ten coca cola dr pepper sprite mountain dew
spaghetti fatuccini rotini manicotti ragu
its time for aisle eleven but first i'll look in the deli
for macaroni salad yogurt and cream cheese for celery
then off to the jelly i neat some peanut butter too
golden grams, lucky charms, grape nuts and fruit loops
coffee tea and hot cocoa with a bag of mini marshmallows
and then i'm back to the sodas to trade the dew for mellow yello
bread, butter, and pickles and maybe bread and butter style pickles
Kool-aid jammers, tang, capri-sun and popcycles
back to the deli i need some pastromi and hard salami
tried to pawn a can of sardines as a can of anchovies
pizza dough-kits, hunts sauce, mushrooms and green peppers
shredded mozerella, colby jack, and monterey and cheddar
provalone, munster, blue cheese, ricotta and fetta
swiss and american slices, velveeta, loreign, and gouda
i need a can - of spam, some ham, and vienna sausages
microwave bacon, turkey, and mayonaise for the sandwiches
honey mustard sweet and sour sauce for nuggets that i'm gettin
soy and duck, pocky sticks, taco kits, it's never ending
apples oranges bananas pineapples berries and mangos
onions carrots and lettuce potatos broccoli tomatos
watermelon kiwi coconut peaches and plums
whiskey gin vodka and a bottle of rum

[ Pt.1 "Intro For My People" MP3 | Pt.2 "Gayness For Your Anus" MP3 ]

Got a story for my people, bout the hard times of our youth
All the hardships that we face and all the struggles we pursue
I will tell all of my stories, and I hope you understand
How I grew through all the sad times to be the man that I am
I can remember, back when I, was just a young little kid
All the other kids were playing Ninja Turtles and shit
and they were fightin' G I Joes, in the sandbox at the school
And they would always kick me out of their club, and they would never find me cool


Skip it, Popples, ... Rainbow Bright

(The first public american hanging was over
beastiality. But it's not illegal in Washington)
Beastiality, it's even legal in the netherlands
On trial sheep can't come to their defense

Hitler was a friend of mine and he was just misunderstood
He was just a young boy with dreams of gold, and he just did what he could
They would always tell them tall tales bout how he grew to be the Antichrist
But I knew ole' Adolf better than you and can assure you that they're all lies
Like sometimes they'd get things mixed up in translations and he'd be liable
like somehow is the bathroom clean meant burn all of them bibles
They'd make flags with his face displayed when he'd ask for country lemonade
And somehow make me some sandwiches meant six million jews must die today
He made a race of killing machines, with Blond Hair and Blue Eyes
A race of men so Beautiful, he'd swear that it was paradise

even though they all lied, he was still ashamed
he didn't die cause they were all gonna do the same
and all the history books were fabricated
cause nobody would confess to this very day


The sky is turning orange
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Cataclyptic Monomorphic Hair Tye Decadence
Stalemate Hippotronic Technicolor Violence
Telephonic Hydrocone B-side Butch Vig
Futuristic Jitterbug Dance on the Jimmy Rig
Hairstyle out of wack skippin' on a mouse click
Underground Stale Sound Underbelly Wet Cig
Gibberishin' Mission in a Dumpster on a street corner
Signs Won't Work Jerk Get a Job New Order
Linedefs without sidedefs won't play
sectors too many, 1993
binary digits on the undercover trenchcoat
geekin' that pimped out code in the dos mode
Pervert introverse flippin to the floppy disk-a
analogue wedding in the tropical environment
chocolate masochist hirikiri furry porn
3D face scan hard on the storyboard
Lighter click concert down with the llamatron
scissor fish butch dyke popcorn fist-a-thon
lesbian seashell voided on the cosmos
kicked out of space out of place cause i'm hard broke
doomsday dance on the chicken wing dutch bitch
hand grenade jock itch sphinct-or jelly sandwich
ganggreen jungle foot steppin' to the conga beat
Duct Taped Hobble Scene Axe Murder Drug Fiend
Portobella Nightmare Unicorn Revolution
Fabricated Nation for Portopotty Fusion, and the
Scapegoat Sister Spaghetti-Made Machettis
Chewin' Holes in the Mother Earth EGA Moonbase
Spermicidal Maniac Dinosaur Braniac
Hot Sauce Media Trance Bass Pitch Black
Thunder Track Out of Whack Bumpin' Bacon Eggs
Taco Seasoning Milkshake Shake & Bake Devil Cake
Medium Fidelity Aqua Teen Power Chip
Deep Fried Television Kangaroo X-Vid
Murder Bacon Chicken Ranch Blood Sauce VCR
Tele superfragilistic leprechana Minotaur
Wonka Bar canadianna Hazy Analingus Tart
Bitchin' Fission Lava Soda Bottle Cap Railcart
Boxcar Witchhunt Pisscunt Fistalicious
Scandal Vandalavian Americana Swedish Fish
Atari ST Type 2 in colleco dub
pitfall 2 style action in a hot tub
heimlich segagen conart hardcore
benge drink sodomizalicion missile canker sore
Emulated Sand Dune Pagan Vegan Boom Boom
Doom seven sin wad whizzin' level 32
Doki Doki Jetpack Mario Tank Top
Rimjob Grease Wax Oil Rub Flip Flop
Bedknobs Boomsticks Servin' on the Food Dish
Rumpelstilt Skinamatic Orgasmillion Jew Fish
Wet Poop Seasoned with a basil and nuclear fission
Quadropallegic Hampster Allergic to Latex
Silly Putty Nail Polish Neoprine and Anal Sex
Hop Scotch, Leap Frog, King Kong, Donkey Punch
Leech Farm, Hot Dog, Water Bong, Monkey Munch
Telefucked by an angel in the range of a mangled mess
Meet Paul Ruebens and is dad's hot oragami dress
When felt all up by teddy ruxpin, grubby's feeling scared and sick
So lets whip out the better way we know to make a glow stick... Omega!!!!
Yellowbelly fuckstick deathmatch monk shit
Flip and Lick and Nymphomaniac and break a leg and hip
Tummy Tear Nipple Nick Assalanch and Breast Break
Geekin Streakin Sheek and for a Weekend Tongue and Cheek
Wait, take a firm handshake and bake a sodomy cake
Metal Ocean Deep Dive Headspin Brain Cave
Rubber Baby Bugle Boogie Bunker Skunk Mudsnake
Ferret Scared Tails paired flyby earthquake
Mecha Lekka Heidi Flice Miami Vice Nunchuck and sai
Vanilla Ice Manilla Folder Soldier Boulder Shoulder Pie
Fuck me like a polaroid, polar wind solar ice
sonar flare, bumblebee leper colon roger right
French kiss toast fry Spanish class rice fly
German cake shit flick Russian mail order bride
I-talian dish bread Jap-nese Sushi Pocky Hentai
Chinese food checkers Mexican Tequila Sunrise
Break it down around and let the bass bring a bomb sound
Pogo Dance a-GoGo with the face of a sad clown
Dahmer Cookin Mommers and the Poppers for the Daughter Stew
Manson hacked a robot made a hollywood killer jew
Gremlins climbing Berlin from the past in Marty McFly's ride
Pop a can of then put on a vinyl of and count to why
Back from desert days of walking backwards at night
count to 5, let the ooze drain, sit, sigh and die
(Robot Gibberish)



it's 3 am in the mornin baby
we gona dig into paid programin baby
lets find the perfect infomercial
a whole big hour long commercial
for all you real freaks that stay up this late baby

Are you tired of the real thing, do you need some artificial love and attention
Are you weary of the same old silicon horse hair vibrating hole standard invention
Did you spend all your money on a real doll, but you learned that real doll love just ain't real enough
Are you waiting for her hips to shake, or maybe any-thing, and her body still ain't budged

Its getting late and you're getting old, the same date routine leaves you cold
and that blow-up doll just got another hole, and you are sick to death of always taking control
When the lube runs out time for rashes to form, and you've memorized the universe of porn
And you need to send your real doll back, its torn, cause it seems you're too rough when its time to explore

We got a new robot created for your pleasure and
she's working night and day, whatever time, whatever weather
she's made to move all on her own and made to do whatever told
and made to be your lover wife and best friend until your old

She's made of real skin genetically created
It's kind of like the Jetsons if they made it X-Rated
And she produces blood cells even makes saliva
she's got real hair and teeth, her tongue feels so enlivened

Her head has many microchips and memory banks
and every hole in her body has flavored filled tanks
so her vagina makes real vagina juice
and the compound we created mixes real vagina lube

and just like i said before saliva flavor's in her mouth
and her anus tastes like feces when you really go south
and if tormenters at school will give you hell in any classes
for never having girls, well this girl will beat their asses

And there are 40 settings of handjob that she performs
and any sex position that you've ever seen in porn
8 hundred moves are programmed, positions and scenerios
she's even made to dance to any music on your stereo

And she will sing along and can carry any octave
And if you need intelligent conversing she's a talker
And she's real open-minded and she never judges weakness
and if you're curious her box converts into a penis

and she's equipped with deeper voices in the lower pitches
and she responds to anything and answers any wishes
And she will cook and clean and even vacuum up all night
performing any functions of the old 50's housewife

She speaks in any language and she acts like any culture
And if you leave your trash around she comes just like a vulture
Perfection is her mission and she's like a perfect model
And if you're needing upgrades check the catalog and call us


I have a dream, I have a chore
I need a loan, for I will buy a store
Got to buy the name, but first I need the store
So I can get the loan, it seems I just always need more
Now I need a job, so I can get the loan
So I can start the store, and run it on my own
I found a store, I can split demands
I can get two loans, the place and then the plan
Plan to have them both, a dream under the sun
I applied for two, but I only got one
Now I have the place, but I can't start the store
For I don't have the things, so I should sell for more
If I could find free things, and sell them in the store
I could raise the funds, to pay my debt from before
I can have the sign, the sign is big and high
I still have to wait, before someone will buy..


Welcome to my store, ain't gonna be here long
Got some pretty shelves, and a ditty song
Got toys and books and got coins and pets
Got food and clothes and all kinds of shit
Come down the aisles its fun and weird
Got everything that you will never need
And maybe things that you'd care to buy
But not at this store and we all know why
come with the ditty
and the sign real shitty
and feel the pity
on the kid in the city
with the store so shitty
but it looks so pretty
break it down with the ditty
with the shitty store diddy, come on
so come in the door and just take a look
right to your left we got comic books
and underneath that we got tangerines
an alf puppet and couple pair of jeans
two cans of chew and a basketball
batmiddon and some uno cards
but not the set, a few are lost
and next to that the movie jaws
great big ole tucan in a golden cage
but its been dead for many days
used boxer shorts and panties too
a trophy fixed with elmer's glue
size 13 pair of bowling shoes
a can of stew from world war 2
--a stuffed head of a kangaroo
a 45 of catmandoo
and further back, an 8 track attack
a blow-up doll of johnny cash
yearbooks galore with edges torn
and every jenna jameson porn
old necco wafers and candy dots
old school nintendo with robot
a button jacket with lots of flair
a yankee candle with pubic hairs
corn on the cob in mason jars
a case of zagnut candy bars, an
old mouse trap game with missing parts
a road race set with missing cars
some figurines with missing legs
some curdled milk and rotten eggs
a gremlins story with cassette
a pimp ass pink barbie corvette

an old coin purse where hash was stashed
collector's spoons once used for smack, and
behind that loose board in the back, a
gumball machine with rocks of crack


I can remember the feelings i had
when i'd go to meet my girlfriends dad
seems no matter how hard i tried
I could never live up to his eyes
I would come to mow the lawn each week
and rub some oil on her grandmas feet
I even painted that whole fucking house
Did the laundry and folded the towels
I can remember our very first date
eating our dinner at steak n shake
I could tell by look in your eyes
That you were staring at ther other guys
And at the drive-in where we had that first kiss
When I had left to go take that piss
I caught you in the back seat of that car
With that dick from school named Mark
I threw a fit and drove myself home mad
Then I wreck my car into your dad's
His brand new Cadillac ended up smashed
Then him and Mark came to beat my ass
In fact the only bright side of that night
Is when your grandma broke up the fight
She wiped my blood and smiled saying it's alright
That'swhen I saw the streetlight shine in her eyes
Too many time I've sat and cried
Cause seems no matter how much I've tried
I always end up shot in the dark
And someone's grandma always steals my heart
Sometimes I know I've been in the wrong sea
Cause with so many grandmas staring at me
I always get a feeling deep in my soul
I need a grandma to fill the hole
She's baking cookies, always has some for me
And always brewing that fresh pot of tea
She's wearing that thing she wears
She always does that thing with her hair

Grandma, Grandma, Grandma, Grandma
Grandma, Grandma, Grandma, Grandma
How does your garden grow?

Your Grandma sure does act real nice
Always uses the best spice
I'm sure on christmas things go great
And grandma always makes the cake
And anytime that I pass through
I wonder what those grandma's would do
If I could stop them to say hey
and trim their bushes for a little pay
I wonder who would want me to stay
but with their grandma instincts won't say
I wonder if I could give em a sign
like when I come for lemonade inside
I could just accidently spill it on me
I wonder if she'd want to do my laundry
I wonder if she'd make me wear a moomoo
or if she'd let me sit around in the nude
and if I'm sitting in the nude on the couch
I wonder if she'd knit a cute little house
and if her eyes would ever gaze upon me
and maybe she would get a little happy
She'd have some cookies special catored for me
maybe she'd cook up something for us to eat
maybe she'd have a little brownie tray made
or something sweeter than the sweet lemonade
maybe while clothes are spinning waiting to dry
she'd have a comfy little seat on the side
maybe we'd watch some golden girls or matlock
maybe some vinyls of sabastian bach
maybe she'd run her finger through my hair
and call me sonny and she'd treat me with care
she'd give me medicine and spike it with lust
We'd go to her bedroom and fill it with dust
And if I accidently break the antiques
She's got that grandma sense of forgiving me
I won't say oyster here or make a reference
Oops there I did, but lets instead just say fish
And now my clothes are dried and ready to wear
And they've been washed with special grandma care
She'll send a smile when I dress and leave
I'm glad her oyster finally made it to sea


She's part africa, she's part Tokyo
Skin of chocolate, Hentai Lingo


(use super rave beats - I095 Vocal line)

Girl you're like the dream that I've wanted for years
You should count the times hurting you brought tears
I should let you know its like a piercing cut
Any time you walk away it stings my gut
Everytime I see you with them other guys
I think about how much I've sat and tried
Now we got a place and I get to spend time
Before you walk away and got another date in line

Now I see you're slowly drifting from me
I see things no one else can see
Act prim and proper well I've seen you pee
And sometimes I wonder how you want me to be
You know what they want and they just wanna fuck
Maybe thats the kinda girl I met and called love
I should let loose and come out of my cage
I should do things no one else can take

I should buy chains, get a bondage swing
Hang it and suspend you from the ceiling
Fuck you like a slut and I'll call you names
Maybe that kind of love is your thang
Maybe I should just walk nude and act rude
Maybe let you have like three or four dudes
Let them line up and take turns while you hang, put
an ad on the internet for a gangbang

Pull on all your hair while I smack and slap
Leave handmarks all over your ass
Sorry so long I've been such a big dud
Take you downstairs, get you in the tub
Tie your arms up so you have to stay
Beg you to piss all over my face
Let it gush down in warm gold streams
Let your arms down, now shit on me

Ahhh yeah.... you know he loves you when he asks you to...
piss on his face... but you know he's your soul mate if he can
handle taking a mean shit all down his body from your ass baby
You KNOW you're the lady of his dreams and I know you wanna scream
but deep down inside of this man you know what he means.

To show how much I love you
I'll let you piss on me
To let you know I worship you
I'll even drink your pee
I want you to know there's still a fire
And I'm not ice, you see
I know you've got that urge inside
So won't you shit on me

Girl you can't leave till its on my chest
Then come on down and lets rub our breasts
Let the shit smear all over ourselves
Lets make love till the whole house smells
Move over tub girl, here's part two
Water sports action scat and puke
After diahhrea's dried on you
Puke on me let me taste your food

Is this enough for an I-Love-You
Let's rinse off, there's more we can do
Had anal sex well not till now
Lets have anal sex on this towel
Now you've shit lets lick it out
Love that flavor inside my mouth
Now lets stick and fuck away
Pull out now how my dick taste

Hot chili dog dirty sanchez love
Next put on this pair of gloves
Lets play doctor now analyze me, I
think-I-got-colon-cancer will you see
It feels so good cause you are my nurse
Any other time this shit would hurt
But this is not over lets glaze my face
And cover my body with more shit paste

Do you love me well we have to see
Two times I let you shit and pee
And now it's my turn now do you love me?
Lets decorate and make you pret-ty
You look like trash but I STILL CARE
wet diahhrea caked in your hair
I'm glazed yellow and glazed white
But you're still beautiful in my eyes

To show how much I love you
I'll let you piss on me
To let you know I worship you
I'll even drink your pee
I want you to know there's still a fire
And I'm not ice, you see
I know you've got that urge inside
So won't you shit on me
To show how much I want you
Won't you puke in my mouth
And you can fuck me in the ass
If we can find out how
I'll let you spit and smack my face
and menstrate in my clothes
or while I eat your red suprise
Just anal fuck my nose
To show what all I'd do for you
Let's add a billy goat
And I'll do anything you want
As long as no one knows
In fact I love you so damn much
Lets spread to everyone
So open up the curtains
and let neighbors watch the fun
To show how much I love you
I'll let you piss on me
I'll let you know I worship you
I'll even drink your pee
I want you to know there's still a fire
And I'm not ice, you see
I know you've got that urge inside
So won't you shit on me