2011 BIO
By William Henry

On January 8, 2008, Will Henry and Jerry Lehr teamed up to start work on the first album to be released on CD. They finished up recording for the album in mid 2009 and had many tracks to choose from. In the end, Will and Jerry ended up with 43 songs on a double album officially released in early 2011. Jerry has written his own songs on the piano since age three and received guitar lessons at age 13. His first band was was created during high school and was named Noose. After high school Jerry quit the band and started plugging his guitar into the computer and recording his own tracks for fun. In 2000, a track under the alias Cherry Rounders called “I Eat Poop” was recorded. It leaked onto Napster in 2001 and sparked a fan club. The track has had 30,000 hits on a youtube outlet and had resulted in many adaptations of the song being performed by various people on the video networking site. In 2003, Jerry attended ITT Technical Institute where he focused on video game soundtracks for class projects as well as learning game design techniques. Will has been in multiple bands since the start of his music career in 1996. He has played at many venues within Indiana and the Indianapolis metro area. His band list includes Crimson Rain, Pornovore and Triple Jointed. Will's solo music is made with the pseudonym Face Inri under the name Foul Face. Will currently has tracks available from the 2007 “Ghost of Me” album online through iTunes and Amazon and continues to develop music for Foul Face for future releases. In 2009 Will started working with Benjamin Hermus on music known as The Mustachios, while deployed to Afghanistan. The duo is still together making music and recording when they can. They plan to have their album “Eat our Words” completed by the end of 2011.