Welcome to Muzakfiend's Asylum. Here you'll find a collection of fansites, news, downloads, sound files, underground bands, music tools, and even more when everything's complete and going. For now there are a few fansites but the number will multiply and multiply as time passes. This page is new. I recently split everything into just 4 pages, not one for each band but huge ones for each of the four genres I have now. That should make it less insane and give people more bands to check out when they're looking up their favorites.
"Music is Dead"
Music should be music, and at least a small bit artistic and if you're going to yell and be a big 'bad ass' you should at least have something worth yelling about (limp bizkit) and worth following (marilyn manson). What the hell is going on? Music groups shouldn't be fucking sports teams with where they came from and who they sponsor being the only important big deals. IF YOU START TRYING TO ACT LIKE YOU'RE "COOL" BY LISTENING TO LIMP BIZKIT OR MARILYN MANSON THEY WILL BE THE NEXT TO GO, STOP FAKING. Nevermind, I guess I'm just an opinionated prick? We'll wait and just watch for yourself.

I'm just going to focus on the bands that don't flood mtv, and strictly low-profile underground bands, with some exceptions, of course, that played an important role in my life so I'm devoting sites to them because I can.
THE ELECTRONIC SITE IS NOW OPEN!!! (but still highly incomplete)
The mdfmk site is now the official electronic site and the icp/twiztid site is the official alternative rap site and the bhg/wolfpac site will soon be combined with kottonmouth kings on it. This site now has frames but it will soon be completely changed for the new setup.
-later on-
Okay, I changed the main site. Looks great for now. I cut the buttons off this site and colorized them and shit for the sub-sites. Now that I have all the MDFMK mp3s and the album's still not due out for a week (I'm still buying a copy, if not two), I've decided i really need to finish the stabbing westward, nin, and gravity kills sites. The fear factory site's lost but i'm sure kEvIn would be haunted by the graphic designing he did like a year or two ago (example of now) and they'd be an emberassment to his kickass shit now, so i'll probably make a small one for them later on. Speaking of electronic, I'm finally going to make a pig page since the site gets to be mainly mdfmk/kmfdm and raymond watts was a former member of kmfdm. Also... I'm digging deep into the underground electronic scene to grab a few new bands for you to check out while i'm still on the most recent industrial kick.
Just now came back to the music site for more work (very little though). I'm making the topleft group the only ones I make since they'll be my FAVORITE music groups/bands. The others will just be links

Insane Clown Posse
Bloodhound Gang
Kottonmouth Kings

Nine Inch Nails
Fear Factory
Gravity Kills
Stabbing Westward