Be sure to listen to Cherry Rounders' New and First 22 Track LP "I CAN DO 1T AL50" And Be on the Look Out for Any Possible Future Releases. Visit the Official PoopyBooby/ CherryRounders Page for all the latest poopy booby shitty titty ditty acapellos and cherry rounders' sick-ass solo projects. Below you can listen to each song on the new LP and since it probably will never exist, you'll have something rare and perfectly legal. Who cares about the perfection of the songs when they're free, right? Don't Bitch!
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31 Da Cherry Bomb! (RA)
32 Fuck Yeinda Schnoz (RA)
33 Demon Fuzz (RA)
34 Satan's Pet Jellyfish (RA)
35 My Butt (RA)
36 Lord of the Pancakes (RA)
37 Zoo Radio (RA)
38 The Kangaroo Rapist (RA)
39 Me and My Llama (RA)
40 Foreign Freestyle (RA)
41 I Eat Poop (RA)
42 Cherry's On The Loose (RA)
43 Penis Worms (RA)
44 Schkoodle Boodle (RA)
45 Disgruntled Crosseyed Giraffe (RA)
46 Dirty Mind (RA)
47 Ookey Dookey (RA)
48 Smoking Ourselves into Bliss (RA)
49 Being Wierd (RA)
50 My Horny Little Devil (RA)
51 Candy is Dandy (RA)
52 Away (RA)
53 I Eat Poop 2000 (bonus) (RA/mp
Rumors have it that Cherry is me.
Shh - Yep - Shh
and they're joke songs d!psh!t