Requires NES IPS Patcher. Google It!
Also requires original ROMS to play.

Super Mario Bros 3Mix
Mario Adventure ****
Super Mario All-Stars (NES)
Super Mario Ultimate
Mario in: Some Usual Day
Super Mario 3 Reloaded
Chaos Control
The Mystery of the Flying Fish
Luigi's Chronicles 2
Present Panic: A Princess Adventure
Mario Chronicles
Super Loco Spoof 2
Super Wario Bros 3
SMB3: Second Run
Peaches and Daisy (Youtube)
Super Carrots for SMB3
Super Carrots 3 (Youtube)
Super Carrot World
Pony Poki Panic (SMB2)
Super Mario Bros 2: 2nd Run
Super Mario 2 Turbo Edition
Super Mario 2 Graphic Overhaul
Bowsette 2
Super Mario 2 Master Quest
Return of Subcon (SMB2)
Blog: Best 15 Super Mario Bros Hacks