Doom Battlefields and Battlefieldz

My second ever level "shape" was called Battlefields. Not to be confused, like it ever would be, with the new game series of modern day. No, this is a 36-level mapset, the fourth episode being brutally impossible like nuts.wad, of the same level over and over. The level, however, is different from the Chambers of Death level. That one was a single zig zag and this one is like a long hallway of zigzags. Sometimes its accidental outer wall holds imps and other things that shoot fireballs at you, so beware. I messed with key doors, platforms, stairs, all sorts of things, but still... same level. over and over.


There, however, are cool things a' brewin' in the labs of boredom. A Sequel. Like Z-Chambers will be to the Chambers of Death trilogy, Battlefieldz will be a gzdoom/ACS-enabled sequel to Doom Battlefields. It will just be me testing tons of things for my future mod ideas here first, like I did before. I made comedy to test music, and now I'm doing this to test new mod capabilities and scripting. Now that ACS scripting is included from Hexen in the Doom world, and GZDoom does a perfect job of interpreting it, I'm going to have a hayday figuring more out. First comes Z-Chambers though. Then comes this. So expect even more crazy stuff on Battlefieldz!