will and jerry
is a musical group featuring Will Henry and the creator of cherry rounders, Jerry Lehr. Our first album, The Primitive Collection is quite a bazaar record to own, and it's Free! Hurry while supplies last! Fear not, for as soon as the CDs run out, the collection will probably be downloadable for free. The masterpiece we created deals with your usual drugs, sex, and rock and roll. only with animals, grandmas, hermaphrodites, and everything but children. No worries for those of you with that child inside still, because michael jackson and peewee herman team up (in spirit) on Sweet World, a venture into candyland. It's an all-around good time with hardcore gangstaz having sex with each other, a robotic love doll of the future, a rest area predator, keepin' it in the family alabama style, video game parodies, a time-travel adventure, television show and cartoon parodies, freaky xxx-rated rage, and much much more! Will and Jerry is sure to please just about everyone with a demented sense of humor. Stay tuned for the next album, NSFW
jerrylehr.com is the main site of the creator of cherry rounders. It's basically what started as a high school fansite of many things all collided into a mess of random things. all the roms you can handle, tons of downloadable full-version vintage ms-dos games from back in the day for the dosbox emulator, all of my instrumental works from college, before, and beyond, eventually a large MP3 music collection for pirates with similar tastes as me. The site has just ventured into a complete make-over, but the previous version I made in college still exists for your viewing and downloading pleasure. Also included are all of the video games that my team had designed in college, though mediocre, but we were pressed for time. Also in the field of video games are many Super Mario hacks as nintendo roms I had made, though they're not all that but they're enough to kill some time if you're bored, as well as some really bad doom levels and one really good one. This one was for the game "Visions of Loki" that eventually became "Cherry Rounders in Space".
Cherry's Facebook Page Like me on facebook! Love it or not, facebook has taken over the web. So it would be silly of me not to have a facebook page. At the time of writing this, I have a whole 8 likes and one mention. A bit different than the 2001 yahoo fanclub with 150 members I didn't even know I had until I saw them all at once when an old friend kevin called me to drop the news!

But if you want to see some cherry love, check out the first on the videos page, where you'll see "I Eat Poop" has nearly 50,000 views at the point of me writing this. That's honestly nothing compared to most of the awful shit on youtube, but hey people remember the cherry!

It's true that I thought of killing off the cherry character, but this whole famous alter-ego thing is kind of fun! If I accidently blow it up into something big I'll probably no longer pretend I don't exist and milk it for all it's worth!
Cherry's Newgrounds Profile Cherry's newgrounds profile has all of the tracks downloadable for free, and you can also give your honest opinions and reviews, or help out by making a Cherry Rounders music video for any song of your choice! There are over one hundred to choose from and if the creator of Cherry digs your video, or has tons of space left on a future dvd idea, he'll cram it on and you'll be somewhat famous! Also if you're interested in instrumentals...

Jerry's Newgrounds Profile There's also Jerry's Newgrounds Profile, featuring a lot but not all of the instrumental works I've done that hadn't had a layer of lyrics dubbed over the top of them. They were mostly from the pre-college era when I was more into the techno-grunge side of things.