The Great Voyage
Seven Years
Loved By You
I Eat Poop
Friends of Mine
My Butt
Things Aren't As They Seemed
This Olde Town
The End of Dreams
Sahara Mist
Someday, Somehow, Someway
The Dark Side/ It Don't Matter
Elle Esse Dee
When You're On Crack
Alien Ghosts/Face It
Livin' In A Dumpster
This Is My World
Unspeakable Acts
Welcome to Prison
The Cockloaf
Nuttin Butt Luv (Prison Mix)
Rehab Choo-Choo
This Is Your Brain
Jesus is Watching Yoo
The Second Coming
Dumped (Acoustic Live)
Pi (Acoustic Live)
The Corner of Main
Schnoz Focker (Acoustic Live)
The Cockloaf (Acoustic Live)
Nuttin Butt Luv (Acoustic Live)
Bodies in the Mailbox
Encore (I Eat Poop '11 Acoustic Live)
Mister Rounders
The Legend of the Bearded Clam
Sick Like You
Down By the Bay
Straight Nursery Rhymin'
Don't Misbehave
Little Tea Party of Horrors
Doesn't Really Matter
Cherry Sings The ABCs of Sex
Everybody Masturbates
(I'm A) Bus Driver
Learning Choo-Choo
The Warrant
Sweet World
Drinkin' And Drivin'
Pimp Dares
Nude GTA
Robbin' Banks
Cherry Sings The ABCs of Crime
Killing Spree
Over the Border
Down in Mexico
Tequila Sunrise
Fields of Green
Sr Rounders Sings The ABCs
El Concerto De Cherry Rounders
Don't Drink The Water
Cherry and the Mexican Candy Factory
Augustas the Fatty
Pablo the Pinball Wizard
Veruca De Bahamas
Murdering Small Children
La Polis
Wandering Round
Backwoods Brawl
I Never Knew...
Whiskey The Dog
Kept On Drivin'
Alabama Love
I Only Beat You...
Freedom At Last
Back In The Desert
Super Mario Mirage
Gilligan's Castle
Sahara Mist II
Sittin' On My Laptop All Day
I Made A Studio
Seven More Years
Warming Up
Desert Scat Orgy
Whole Lotta Babies
The Tuna Train
Cock Out
Genital Pet Names
Penis Off
Pedophile Van
My Glock
Hey, Waittress
Nuttin Butt A C Thang
Seasons Change
Long Distance Relationship
Sock Dong Crew Theme
She Wants My Dingaling
Cam Cam
Mondocockus/Ten Foot Dicks
It's Not You, It's Me
Goodbye, World
Alien Ghosts II
Cherry Goes Home
Aliens on Drugs
Robot Jelly
A Message From God
The Trial
Thank God
Everybody Loves Me
The End