September 11, 2021
Fuck it. I'm bringing Cherry Rounders back. I make around $30 a month minus a $5.99 monthly fee on songcast just for having that damn I Eat Poop song on various streaming services. Now you can get the CD of all the old stuff, 1999-2003, self-titled as The Cherry Rounders LP for like twelve bucks for forty tracks. This features three whole versions of I Eat Poop and includes the album from 1999 and the one from 2003. The I Eat Poop track you all know and love is also featured in the middle. It was recorded in 2000. There are also even a couple more variants of the tracks Cherry Bomb (2000) and Kangaroo (2001) as well as a complete outtake The Ferret Avenger.

For years I was embarassed of this deliberate nonsense but ah well. It was fun.

WARNING! Rated Mature, if you can call it that!