Welcome to the webpage: Poopy Booby Classics
Here you can freely download or simply listen to all of the tracks that made up the one and only Poopy Booby audio recordings collection. Yes! I finally found it! It's 2012 and this 1999 recording has finally resurfaced on a disc I found in an old box of mostly unreadables in the garage. What is Poopy Booby? Well, our band was called Noose, and we were crazy fun to be kidnapped by and recorded! Things happened and we disbanded, but what you are about to witness is primal retardation occurring while stoned on roadies, you know, back when I could handle pot. We didn't have use of the drummer's brother's drums, so the drummer couldn't play. So instead we just beat on car parts and ourselves, and flowed rhymes of nonsense most of the time, leading to Cherry's solo project meant to entertain the other young men. This is where it all started...Enjoy! (Also: They were ran through some crap echo distortion thing, a different one per track, to add insanity to them)

01 Ladies and Gentlemen (Introduction /w Harmonica)
02 Penecostal Women Shopping At K-Mart Turn Me On
03 I Don't Wanna Talk To My Mom (The Stoned Song)
04 Techno Without The Techno
05 I Like Traffic Lights (But Only When They're Green)
06 Airhockey in the Basement (At The Old Folk's Home)
07 Rub a Dub Dub
08 Tribal Chant
09 Boo Moozafooka
10 Bock Like A Chicken
11 Automobile Industrial
12 UFO At The End of the Driveway
13 Something Spanish
14 I Got Dick Rot
15 Moon and the June and the Spring
16 The Dingaling Song