elcome to faded visions games. most of us met in college and we carry on our love of making games as a hobby. Our current project is called SHADOWS and it's a flash sidescrolling puzzle game. We're currently searching for a free graphic designer that's in it not for the money but for the experience, as we're in the same boat.

Our first game in college was NO LIMITS BLACKJACK and our assignment was to take code for a blackjack game that was full of errors and recognize and fix those errors. Since our programmer is the man, he outdid himself and created a masterpiece by adding so many options. No Limits Blackjack offers multiple music selections and even character voice stereotype selections. There are two ways to get this game on your computer.


Our next game in college was going to be called CASTLE KINGDOM but our programmer couldn't get the collision detection to work, so instead we had four weeks to come up with something else from scratch. Another teacher created a killer 3D boss, and THANATOS was made. It featured two levels, if you can actually get past the first. This is much like the next game...


SIN HARVEST was our third and final game in college. It was much like the original zelda, featuring an overhead view, a sword, and dungeon rooms you explore. But unlike Zelda, it featured a female as the main character. There are two levels included, as we only had nine weeks and we were beginners. The levels included are "Gluttony" and "Lust" and feature bosses for both, with excellent voiceovers. If you would like to rate and review this game, please visit its newgrounds page.