Super Mario Remixes

DECEMBER 28, 2011
Be prepared for a bunch more mario hacks! That's right, I got laid off! And I'm bored! And I want to mess with graphics hackers and come up with a Cherry Rounders video game based on Mario 3! That surely will probably not happen but some level remixes are in order because this time, unlike last, I have a girlfriend that WANTS to play some. Not only that but I still have that Powerpak to play homebrew games, and basically store every nintendo game ever made if I want, which I will end up doing. I bought an old 80's nintendo off of ebay and I'm all for doing this. The new year is coming up and new projects are on their way! This time I will try to make something that will keep and not eventually reject from its website. The same goes for a doom MOD that doomworld won't negatively critique. Anyways I have a remix on the way, the first of 2012 that will more or less be a level remix of 8 worlds with lots of color-changes but not too much. It will start out pretty hard and just get harder, but this is in the ranks of people I make the hacks for. Real gamers will probably find them to be a vacation.