Welcome To My Youtube Reel
I really don't have much on youtube at the moment, just music stills.

MAKINA Album /w TV Background Animation. 2020
CONTINUUM Album /w Desktop Pic Still 2006
CONTINUUM II Albums, 2006 + 2019 Still "Video" uploaded 2020
DISILLUSIONMENT Music Video with Spliced Silent Films. Uploaded 2020
I EAT POOP - FOUR VARIANTS Cherry Rounders, Uploaded 2020
RATS OF AMERICA College project that scored a 100% in 2005
THE "G" CHIP Another college project in 2005 that scored perfect
FUCKING WITH MULTITRACK FILES Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit/Jazz Mix
OLD MAN BUTTERS My cat ran through an old man filter and given voice
MATH NOT METH A classic hilarious 2016 song I recorded on the second take.