Ah, the nostalgia! These programs are no longer sold and I just so happen to have the original floppies and CD-ROMS. Some I just acquired but are still abandoned software by defunct companies or are just no longer sold... So Enjoy!!!


I have searched and searched the web for this defunct company's game trilogy Space Chase and could only find the shareware of the first episode. Since the company no longer exists, I decided after paying a pretty penny to get them off of ebay in their original big boxes to provide them here:

Space Chase, Missions I II and III (Jason Storm)

Next, I could find this program at but you can only get a download every day, so I shared it here. I copied this onto a floppy from our then local library for use on my own computer, amongst other things, and found that if a menu is already set up with passwords and color changes you can delete the MENU.CUS file to remove those changes and passwords. Here it is! In retail format! I now own the book, box, and floppy that came with them.

Direct Access 5.1 (Fifth Generation Systems, Delta 1992?)

Another game I had issues finding on both torrents and the web until recently was by Disney in 1993. It was called simply COASTER and was a roller coaster designer that you could actually ride and get reviews from a panel of six judges. I played this for a couple months straight and filled a couple of floppy disks with the tiny track files. I must have been in the hundreds. Too bad those are gone forever!

Disney Coaster 1993

If you are in the mood to try a VERY early first person shooter by id Software before they made Doom or Wolfenstein 3-D, try Catacomb 3-D or Catacomb Abyss. Both are available in this zip file together. They are probably with the exception of the true first of the genre, Hovertank 3-D, the most primitive games you will ever play.

Catacomb 3-D and Catacomb Abyss

If you are interested in the Other Worlds Campaign of the abandoned game Corncob 3-D which is a flight simulator, I have the goods here. It is like I said abandoned, so there are no copies for sale anywhere on the internet as the company is gone, but you can get physical copies probably on eBay if you'd like the thicker binder that comes with the game by MVP Software. This game is weird. The graphics aren't the best but it allows you to create your own worlds to fly around in and shoot stuff. It is a flight/combat simulator with a large amount of keyboard keys to be used.

Corncob 3-D Other Worlds Campaign

If freeware from the very early days of MS-DOS is your thing, and you want something complete retarded, try Llamatron! It is a parody of Robotron and features coke cans and all other sorts of nonsense to shoot. You are also a llama.

Llamatron Freeware Game

If you're a druggie or hippy that just so happens to like dropping LSD, or perhaps maybe you just like pretty colors rotating for hours then try out these screen savers and "acid" programs made specifically for the use of this drug or other hallucinagenics that favor you staring at trippy stuff on your computer screen. Some are for MS-DOS So you'll need DOSBox and basic knowledge of DOS. Some run in Windows 3.1 so you'll of course need Windows 3.1 from below within the DOS environment to run them.

Drop ACID, Run these Programs.

And if you are all about the retro gaming DOS style and want every single DOS game that could be aquired from the 1980s (Not the 90's, sorry) from mostly defunct companies (no copyright infringement!!) then peruse this massive folder full of zipped up tiny files that will run on 1984-ish IBM-Compatible early machines.

Large Directory Listing of 1980s DOS Games in ZIP Format.
If instead you'd like the entire collection in one Zip File (363MB)

If you want another first person shooter that is a little different than the others and came out in 1994 (but wasn't quite doom in the day) There's a little game I was addicted to that I bought the full version of called Nitemare 3-D. My little siblings also loved shooting mummies, bats, demons, zombies, witches, and whatnot. Unfortunately for you, even though I owned the full version and it's a very old game, the full version is STILL for sale on the author's website. So for you if you like free, you can have the shareware version consisting of only one episode to test the waters.

Nitemare 3-D Shareware Version

One of my dad's favorite DOS games would be from a CD-ROM I acquired and copied in the 90s called Game Empire. It had a Euchre game that had fairly descent graphics for way back when, had a good AI, plus if you hit Control and Z or Control and X the centerfold on the wall would become a nude, or your partner would start tugging away at himself on the other side of the table underneath with his eyes closed. Yeah, it was pretty weird, but he laughed every time.

Download Euchre v1.7 by Matt Voight, 1993

These programs function within the MS DOS environment and in modern times require DOSBox to play.


If you remember those sweet windows 3.1 games like Rodent's Revenge, Rattler Race, Jezzball, Ski Free, TriPeaks Solitare, Solitare Golf, Freecell, Pipe Dream, Tetravex, Tetris, and more, then grab the Windows Entertainment Pack (TM) for Windows 3.1 and have at it! You will need DOSBox to run Windows 3.1 and you can even run both from within DOSBox using Retropie software on a Raspberry Pi computer.

Best of Windows Entertainment Packs
Windows Entertainment Packs: Full 4 Volumes

Sometimes you just feel like going to the Oracle website and getting VirtualBox for the sake of running very old versions of Windows before personal computers were so widespread. If this is the case, you'll love the disk images I have ready for you. None of these versions are any longer sold or supported by the Microsoft company.

Peruse this folder for all available versions and modified versions of Windows.

I've used the same software for art, graphics, and photo editing since 1999. Jasc used to be the company that owned it but this version is no longer sold unless you buy it from a previous owner with the box and huge book somewhere like eBay. The demo version is available here which goes past the 30 day period to an infinite amount of uses via a glitch. I have also included an ISO image of my actual CD-ROM I bought complete with the box, giant book, and reference guide.

Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 30MB Demo
Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 Retail Disc Image

For the same programmable synth piano-roll program I used for Absynthium stuff, check out Orion by Synapse Audio! This company only sells plugins now and no longer supports or sells orion. I barely see it anywhere because apparently it didn't do so great but I've used it for years. If you would like the version I used for the first Absynthium album, try v2.4 of Orion. For Continuum and Delirium I used 5.8 and for the rest I used the following:

Synapse Audio "ORION" 8.5
and use my serial number: ORN8-0bcc-c1ea-4704-c3e2-28b3-a51a-9805-f85f

At goodwill the other day I stumbled upon this gem. It was released in the 90's so it will take an earlier version of windows (3.1 or 95) and was released on the 25th anniversary of the first Oregon Trail. It's in color and is more of a multimedia experience than before. It almost fills the maximum capacity of the cd-rom so you know it's just a tad more technologically advanced. If you do not have a Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 computer, which most people can say, you will need to head to the oracle website and snag VirtualBox then use one of my images above just after the windows games and programs title.

Download The Oregon Trail II ISO Disc Image