Hello, My Name Is Jerry.

I live in the middle of nowhere near Indianapolis, Indiana within a suburban area amongst cornfields.

I get my kicks making music, whether for fun, or for serious approaches like video game soundtracks. If you are more interested in the music information and about that process and are willing to test out some of my goods, click Jerry Lehr Music on the left.

I also want to get into game design. So far my only experience in that field is the software Clickteam Fusion, very minimally, and modding Super Mario Bros roms as well as Doom wad files.

If you haven't noticed by my website (if you are a follower) changing about 20 times in the past two years, I can't settle on what I want, and I love doing web design as well. My most recent approaches, however, are dying down the flashy stuff and sticking to minimal, which will soon end in my final website. That isn't to say more and more content won't come. I'm just tired of redesigning the entire thing over and over.

Where I work is the United States Postal Service. I came up with quick techniques on doing stuff, left for four years, then came back to mostly new people and probably freaked them out when I was new again, not saying much, then the boxes...

In fact, I worked so hard and constant that I was in July of 2020 promoted to Supervisor. It's a good job, and it pays pretty damn well. I can afford living without doing soundtracks but they are more or less for some independant fun.

I stepped down from supervising July again of 2021 and haven't been happier. If you are interested in working for the USPS, you can Apply in all 50 states.



I have a strange love for old technology mediums, such as floppy disks and zip disks. Actually, at the time of writing this, I just have the disks. All my drives went out and I'm about to burn all these fuckers!

Anyways, I adapted to newer technology and collecting way too much of that instead. I still own plenty of pre-recorded and blank cassettes. Mostly I archive guitar riffs for later listening and using. This way I'm not pressing keys and clicking on the computer and instead getting the raw deal.

Pictured in the second row are business card USB's in a small file cabinet, media booklets I got that are like library audio cds, only I have my own stuff in them like games, and thirdly, the same thing only armaray cases (the size of dvds) that hold ten discs.

I most recently have purchased a blu-ray burner and do not regret the costs at all. The bottom row cases all hold 96 discs, and the red one is full of doom stuff.

I journal, sort of. When I'm at work, a passenger in a car, comfortable about it, or places where there's nothing to do, I'm jotting down millions of ideas to like 20 something projects over and over in different ways with updated ideas. I am on pocket journal #148 since July of 2010.

These journals as well as my larger more normal looking journals house notes, ideas, music plans, lyrics, web design, game ideas, reminders, doom levels, work notes, and completely off the wall random stuff sometimes. Since I really don't feel like travelling out to the garage right now that second screenshot should be a good enough representation of the 147 other pocket journals. Honestly aside from even the massive stash of pocket journals, I have way too many. It's a sickness, I tell you!