Your memory slowly returns just enough to know George has already been to planet Triax, that fight has already happened, and that the dead spaceman was in fact George. You were pushed through as you killed him. In your split memory, it's almost as if you have been two different people. It's all starting to dawn on you, the isolated mission, the delayed tracking chip, the glitched interpretation helmet module seeming to work, and the angry Triax natives, as well as the friendly Triax natives. As your memory returns, your original spite and vengence starts to dissipate. Just as suspected, when you saw your arms and skin after taking off the suit, it was never really needed. You are also completely alone.

You have two choices: Save Earth and continue your previous path now with compassion for the human beings you once set out to destroy, or save your home planet, now that this opportunity has finally arrived. Either way, that NASA nuke that struck Triax was immediately responded to with a Nuke currently flying towards Earth. You're going to need to flee back to Triax to avoid sudden death, destroyed planet or no. Three worlds may be gone, and it could very well all be your fault. As you return back onto the same bone portal to Triax you could have taken all along, you take a quick breath and leap.

Godspeed Loku, May luck be on your side, whichever that is.