You are now just outside the house. This will be the actual non-cutscene-related first level.

The area behind the house is fenced in with a tall unpassable fence all the way back to the rivine.

In front of you is a circular road with a road going left from it, and one straight, leading to the docks. The boat you need is missing a key, which is lost in a cornfield maze/crop circle on its owner's body. The cornfield maze entrance is like two neighbors away. To get access, just find that key. In the cornfield maze you will find also: A kid's slingshot (that's actually pretty powerful) and a dart gun. There are also two different sized knives. You will always have these, even if you're out of ammo on everything else. The road to the left connected to the large circular (oval) road goes to a road construction mess you can't get around for the trees and the barriers. There is an outhouse lost in the center of the oval where you can find a secret chaingun already. Once you have the boat key and start up the boat, the next cutscene begins. This level is full of entranced soldiers, civilians, and cops.