"You awake in a forest" are the first words in the very first cutscene. Your vision is blurry still then slowly comes to focus (if possible) "You are surrounded by the distant sounds of gunshots, next to a smoldering campfire" If you explore or look, there's also a large pile of bones unmentioned that is important later. "You make out the structure of your house, and make your way quickly to the backdoor" you pretty much just assume you own it, as well as your identity due to amnesia. yeah don't point this out let it be a mystery that was just assumed at first. "The door was cracked, so you run inside. As you shut and lock the door you stare forward to a vest with the name George on it, and a backpack left open with papers sticking out and a gun." You stuff it all back in and put on the vest and backpack over what seems to be a space/radiation suit you are already wearing. "I better leave this suit on, whatever it is, in case of radiation or something" This suit's primary purpose is that, but unsaid purpose is to hide who you are to the player. A face is never seen. "You walk through the kitchen to see cabinets emptied and left open, to see a tv blaring snow with the sounds of static and a letter on the living room coffee table. You pick up the letter as a brick smashes through the window. You quickly stuff it in your pocket." You pull out the gun and this is the first part of the game. There's really nothing to do but kill a couple entranced guards and then access will be allowed upstairs, not outside yet. When you get upstairs the cutscene has you hiding in the closet, reading the letter, and discovering a shotgun next to you and boxes of shells that you stuff into your backpack then put it back on.

Letter from your daughter:
it happened. Overnight events proved that you weren't crazy. They were coming for us. I know we didn't listen and I am sorry. Mom and I are locked in the bomb shelter until you let us out or things get better. They came and they took. They've built endless structures here as booby traps for something, and possessed people, soldiers, cops, you name it. They're like the living dead sent to kill the only humans left. Some of them came here themselves, as well as what appear to be alien ghosts. We were watching the news and it all went blank. We have plenty of food rations for now. I will be returning to the shelter after I sneak this note to where you will hopefully see it. Please be safe. We love you Daddy.

Love, Audrey.