Got a call today that my loan got approved. I'd say by October my family will live here: house

AUGUST 24, 2020

They came... see: THE BOOK OF NOISE to know what I'm talking about

For sale in the bandcamp shop, click "The Book of Noise" on the top menu. There's like 18 hours of music for $20. You must go buy it now. That's pretty much it!

AUGUST 14, 2020
The five entries to "Jerry Lehr Music" now have their own pages that fit (much like the about the author section does now) to both mobile AND desktop.

AUGUST 9, 2020
Well, it has been done. "The Book of Noise" formerly an idea called "Noisebox" is now officially going to be released August 31st 2020. The actual ship date I will receive these 100 copies of this 3CD set in a dvd-digipak made to look like an old book, is anywhere between the 21st and the 26th. This should give me some time to put all of this up on bandcamp as merch for sale. The set will be $25 and include EVERYTHING with the Project Warlock OST also. Contents: MAKINA, THE NOISE DIARIES, FORGONE (MAKINA'S BONUS CD), OMNIUM, CONTINUUM I AND II, DELIRIUM, and PROJECT WARLOCK OST.

As for website updates, I've been messing with the front page of my classic doom stuff, which has all been moved to the bottom button leaving nothing in the games section. Speaking of the games section, currently at this very moment I just got done reorganizing and planning more stuff for the X-Boards section. I added the 2005 college game design projects section, and made my mario hack(s) available early without having the modbox finished.

JULY 31, 2020
Well, I've been supervising for around five weeks and I like it now. It's kind of too easy in my area though so I try to jump in and help even though I'm not technically supposed to even work. It's kind of a "I feel guilty I make more in management to do less so I work hard still" thing, so I remain "with my people" out of choice. I will be of course fixing up my jeep to go with my chevy cruze and some hefty expensive dental work because I love coca-cola and cigarettes too much. "The Noise Box" and possibly a cassette usb flash drive alternative will of course happen now. And lastly I'm getting a house near the interstate in the suburbs that's pretty close to work, pretty close to a lot of things really, and well, it's also just pretty. Dark blue is my choice though these burbs have every color. My wife Brianna found the area though I knew it existed, I'd just like to see everyone even happier next year even though minus covid-the pandemic this year has been greatful. Speaking of, I named the steam summer sale track for Project Warlock "Pandemic" WAY before I knew of this virus and it became mainstream knowledge. That track was for summer LAST year.

JUNE 14, 2020
So we went camping at the end of the 10th after that last update. It was pretty fun. I finally dove into the lake water the morning after with the kids. The 13th, when I returned to work after my week off, uhhh well, let's just say I make a lot more money from a decision that was made. I'm in charge of my area. Yes, I supervise. If you're looking for a $5 set of like 1900 games to support black lives matter, click here to visit the page. I recommend donated a little more.

JUNE 10, 2020
My birthday was yesterday and though eventful, not in the right way. My son has second to third degree burns on his foot from messing around barefoot by a fire. I did, however get a cold stone creamery ice cream cake? Anyways, I got some stuff done at night last night. Omnium and Delirium are on bandcamp and have been re-submitted to tunecore. I had to remove "The Absynthium Collective" from the bottoms due to it being considered extra information.

The Noise Diaries exists now on both spotify (and 35 other streaming sites) and Bandcamp for $10. The three Absynthium Collective albums on Bandcamp will also be $10. The physical two-disc copy of Noisebox will feature all of the MP3s from Makina, The Noise Diaries, Omnium, Continuum I+II, Project Warlock OST, and Delirium for $20 soon!

JUNE 2, 2020
Introducing the Quad Damage Bundle. A friendship initiative of four fps indie dev teams. For 2 weeks, buy Elderborn, Hedon, Nightmare Reaper and Project Warlock at a discount. Check them out!. Only available on steam.

In other news, this website should HOPEFULLY be done by the 12th. I am getting everything mapped out, while no mail is coming down the belts at work to be sent through airmail, in my journal. I have put in and got approved for 5 offdays in a row. Yes, this is known also as a vacation! So the 8th through the 12th I have off, and possibly the 7th, since that's my offday anyway. My birthday will be June 9th but unfortunately Warlock will only be on PS4, the only newer console I don't have. So I'll be playing the 11th and 12th minus the 12th being date night since money will be in the bank for so. I'm buying both of my children Project Warlock and of course my wife is buying me a copy amongst 5 other unknown gifts for my birthday.

I will be 39. But hey, I'm not elderly yet! One more year for that!

MAY 25, 2020
Two days ago I learned that Project Warlock is in June being released on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. I didn't think this would ever actually happen but I'm pretty excited!

Big things happening in the music planning realm, tunecore uploads to spotify, etc realm, and the physical cd realm. ;)

APRIL 1, 2020
I found a very cheap CD manufacturer and will have only a limited amount of 100 Double MP3-Roms for sale if anyone is interested. I will be preparing "The Noise Diaries," my second full release for streaming music sites. It will feature way more than one CD worth of material. I'm guessing it will much like the Warlock soundtrack feature 5 more hours of music and I am also preparing introductions for a podcast featuring basically the music with mild vocal introductions at the beginning of each half hour set. These are for people who are allowed to listen to headphones at their job or people who take long drives daily to work that are curious of my other creations over the past 20 years. No deadline or promised date is set for any of this, but I'm working on it slowly.

MARCH 24, 2020
During this quarantine, my state's population is not allowed to leave unless going to work or getting supplies. Hopefully this means I not only live through this, but am able to work on this more as a result. I work at the post office. Part of me wants to freak out that even with gloves and an itchy face I am handling thousands of large boxes and bags a day, while the other part says to not live my life in total fear.

Although I had planned on making CDs and releasing them, I don't know what the outcome financially would be. I am going to be moving soon and getting furniture and paying for a wedding and a possible vacation. So basically I'm putting all my goods that I can on places like Spotify and Apple Music for now and probably doing nothing else with it since it's not well known. When the next soundtrack that I end up making happens all of my focus and attention will go there.

I did a little scan-fixing of artwork on this site but as you can tell by clicking around not everything is ready yet.

MARCH 16, 2020
I completely redesigned the main interface of the website as you can see, so my wife's sketches she did for it are more visible than the tiny squares they were inside of. Also, it's not dark. I like it this way a whole lot better. A highly revised size-doubled MAKINA with more than the outtakes added is available on Spotify and like 60 other streaming places. The artist name is of course Jerry Lehr now. If a lot of people end up listening, I'll provide an audio cd alternate towards the end of the year after my vacation. I'm also downsizing the rest of The Noise Diaries and renaming my mess. That will now be the title of the two-cd follow up to MAKINA, having all the guitar stuff combined and a lot cut off that I didn't like as much. The rest will be available via a link in the packaging online if you still want all of that. Then Absynthium will be an MP-Rom as well as the Project Warlock OST with 2 hours of remixes included as well.

FEBRUARY 24, 2020
From the depths of my old links page I have partially filled the Cesspool of Links section. Soon I hope to actually sit down and find some links to create each empty page.

In other news, I'm pondering releasing each album or EP (extended to 80 minutes to make albums) in a CD Ecowallet numbered 1-16 so that all will be available in Audio CD format and NOT MP3 Roms like planned before. This way there's a little series to collect and I can FINALLY have full albums out of the old EPs with both old recordings and new additions and extensions. Also some players won't do MP3 anyway.

FEBRUARY 14, 2020
Happy Valentine's Day! For me it's extra cool because I'm married now as of Jan 28th. The actual ceremony for family and friends is later this year, but we are now legally married! Speaking of my wife, she is the artist behind all 20 new website buttons! You can see more of her art including doomgirl stuff by clicking the WIFEY button on the right side menu (or at least soon you can).

Yes, of course, I redesigned the wesite again if that is for some reason a surprise. This time since she designed part of it, I will keep it as it is. That is what I am hoping, unless I discover a new way to use the same art.

Also, my friend Will Henry asked for me to put together a track for the Indiana NORML Podcast. I finally got a setup that allows me to both record and listen to the guitar while it is being recorded the day before, so thankfully there's added guitar parts, though minimal. Here is the five minute track in full, though it has been cut into tiny segments to work for the podcast.

JANUARY 18, 2020
NEW CAR!!!! Here are some pictures. It's a Chevy Cruze 2017. I've never owned a pretty much new car and its specs and tech stuff are pretty damn awesome. It also only had 41k miles when I snagged it for $13k. I'm financing for six years and it's mine for good. Thanks to the post office career hopefully I'll get a second car for her so she can join me at my work and we can live happily ever after and all of that good stuff.

As for the site, I'm more or less setting up the main subpages now to link to the older and newer sub-pages of those from old abandoned websites and newly created ones. I trimmed the number of new buttons from 21 to 15 since I only really need 15 if that. I'm trying to get Brianna, my soon wife, to do some sketches for the buttons but she's having one of those "I am not an artist" moments that will hopefully pass because she's pretty good. I tried to explain not many actually come here and all.

As for music, I haven't really started much since May when I started back but will soon have to tackle quite a few projects others have assigned to me plus have some fun of my own. In the fall of 2020, I hope to finally release physical audio CDs of creations and eventually a USB Cassette of everything. I'm also eventually going to upgrade my personal studio to accompany at least a new mixing board, better synthesizer, and a guitar that isn't the same one I've had since age 15. With all new inspirations lately, I hope to now be that musician of many re-inventions with even an experimental metal album.

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