Miscellaneous Goods

The 8LETTERS Prank
X-NOROOT.BAT in a Zip Archive.

This batch program (do not place in a root folder) creates folders for every 8-letter word in the english language containing the letter X. Use it to hide files or, just, you know, be a dick on your friend's computer, specifically its desktop. To remove, you pretty much have to highlight the folders, delete, arrange icons again, and repeat until they are all gone, asshole! Someday I might make a sequel that isn't limited to just 8-letter words having the letter X somewhere. It'll be the full dictionary up to 8-letter words or more. I probably will never do this though for the better of the world and because TIME.

Next, we have the old files archive. This holds my very favorite abandonware games and software from the MS-DOS/Windows 3.11 days. It includes my very first computer game trilogy, Space Chase. It also includes Direct Access 5.1, a DOS-Driven menu system for games and programs that I copied from the local library onto floppy way back in the day. I spent many mornings post-christmastime 1995 playing Disney Coaster where you made and rode roller coasters. I think this was the first ever type of game like this. I also owned pretty much all of the others after this, including Ultimate Ride Deluxe, and Roller Coaster Tycoon (as well as Sim Coaster, and so many others). My first flight/combat sim was Corncob 3-D. I paid to have the full version, which is now abandonware, and available here as well. You can play all of the dos stuff with DOSBOX and can learn quickly how to mount drives every time within the config file and start a DOS directory to function as the root and store all of these fine games. There's also the Windows Entertainment Pack which is the pretty noteworthy "came with most computers" game collection with Jezzball, Rodent's Revenge, Ski Free, and so many others that will definitely ring a bell of your memory if you've had them.