Stands for "Internet Relay Chat." IRC is a service that allows people to chat with each other online. It operates on a client/server model where individuals use a client program to connect to an IRC server. It was invented and used since August 1988.

For using IRC, I connect with Hexchat, though there are many, many programs still out there.

Server: chat network www link with help
(20,000 total users on all channels)

Once inside, you can find the option for "join channel" and type: #delehrious

-OR- you can simply type "/join #delehrious" in the chat bar.

Another room I hang out in on this server is the unofficial neocities channel.
Connect to #neocities. This channel was created by Koshka

I will be trying as much as possible to leave IRC up and running. I may be at work, but will always respond if I was on at the time and see the left message. Maybe we'll catch each other at the same time eventually, or just have a delayed chat with each other. If you cannot see my name, which is also delehrious, then I will never see your message even when I come back.
I am also on the #zdoom channel on OFTC.