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10-26-21 SOMBRIETY Added about 3 tracks, found 2 remixes and 2 outtakes were included back, touching up a lot of stuff. 16 tracks so far when there were originally just 9.

10-25-21 MAKINA - Months ago I remixed/extended "Fusion" and "The Spectrum". Just recently I added "Flood" and extended "The Plunge" "Assembly" "Fuel" "Cell Damage" and "Apparatus". I also added "Faced with Concern" from my orion bank of recent and unused tracks. It has guitar, so I figured it would fit what I'm trying to accomplish now.

10-24-21 Touching up more Continuum II. At 17 tracks but more needs fixed. I found some sombriety tracks I was going to use

10-20-21 Working on a side project, or well, a main one. Not related to my own music but a remake of something else.

10-18-21 Working on the first ten tracks, remade, of Continuum II

10-14-21 MAKINA is getting a make-over like all other releases, and is going first.