Welcome To My Games Section:

I've experimented with making games but never really came up with anything full on yet. I want to. This all started when I was around 10 years old. I'd make drawings of wannabe video game levels in notebooks, and came up with the absolute most basic easy and somehow fun do-it-yourself dice games. You can visit the page here. The first link explains the how-to process.

I now call this throwback to age eleven, X-Boards. There were different homemade games with different names like the Zephyr series, but the fun part was making them and trying to piece together a challenge that was still possible. I eventually got embarassed when I was a teenager and burned them all. I was clearly a bored child.

Then I got into DOS games at age 14 when my family had finally got a computer, and immediately became glued to games where you made your own levels (or even roller coasters). Disney Coaster! Corncob 3-D, DOOM!, Heretic, etc etc. I played everything I could find on places that hosted shareware games back in the day. I'd give anything a chance. I started figuring out BATCH programming and ANSI.SYS collaboration with it and came up with some pretty cool stuff back in the day for my family to pick their favorite games on their own made-up menu. My original DOOM days, 1995, are mostly included on the bottom left menu button to this website and not here. However, there were other games or at least are now that are editable. This is only a small list of six on the MODBOX including my own Super Mario Bros level modification. More games in smaller amounts of mods or just games I didn't play that much of are also here on the modbox links.

It wasn't until college in 2005 that I finally got to add my work to real, well, video games. They were actually just class projects to learn things, but hey, they worked, you can play them, and I thought they did a pretty good job on stuff. Next, came two flash games. I did the music and also sound effects and enlisted friends to do voiceovers on all but Thanatos, the quick 4-week space shooter. Click the 3 graphics below for the games on itch.io

It wasn't until I was messing around again trying to find game projects I could make music for free for that I stumbled across a doom level designer named Iain Lockhart from Canada, who then half a year later after disappearing for a while introduced me to Jakub Cislo, creator of Project Warlock. Everything else is just table scraps now. I made it! Enjoy it as I keep going and hopefully some day get my own game made.