The Chambers of Death Trilogy.

Way back in '95 I decided to make magnificent levels for DOOM, only things didn't exactly work out that way. I found editors previously and got the dooms, as well as played hundreds of wads off of both the internet and on various CD-ROMS released like D!Zone and DemonGate. When I finally got around to trying to make my own, I couldn't figure shit out at all at first. I wasn't using today's Doom Builder, I was using DEU 5.2gcc for MS-DOS. Not only was I not using a mouse at first, when you created LineDefs, you also had to create 1 or 2 SideDefs. This took me FOREVER to finally figure out. It wasn't just hey here's a wall! No. DOOM doesn't work like that. Here's a line for a wall and here's what the textures are going to be. If you have an invisible wall or a platform, here's this texture and here's that texture on that side up there or down below. It makes sense, but like today being automatic because you'd think the editor would know this, it wasn't. These editors were written by people like you or me with programming skills. They weren't hired by id software and certainly weren't paid for them.

So anyway, that being said, I cherished that damn one level that looked like a deformed letter Z within a square so much that I copied it over and over because I really wanted to make a full game with different texture themes and enemy line-ups. I didn't care if it was the shittiest level either. Yes, this game, like many jokewads and really bad level mapsets, had multiple Cyberdemons on the first tiny level. The object of my little game wasn't to kill everything. There's not enough ammo for that in some levels, especially the first. The object was to get from start to finish and click the exit panels! There were 36 of these levels, including the hidden fourth episode that was episode 1 of a different difficulty. Download No. 1

As a sidenote this was my third megawad. The second, which was started slightly before and finished around the same time, was Battlefieldz, seen on a seperate page. Chambers of Death 2 began a small amount of experimentations. Not only was the full menu replaced graphically (and I did a much better job than when I remade the 1st later on) and I started having broken stairs and other broken mishaps that actually worked but looked like crap. There was also a better amount of enemies that didn't involve Cyberdemons right off! Download Chambers of Death 2

The third and final installment of this goofery... Chambers of Death III. I a glacier sky for episode 1 that I found on a levels CD-ROM in its own folder. I based most of the first few levels around this, and even named 2 levels glacier 1 and 2. The levels are getting bigger, and it's actually less monotonous to play! The MIDIs also brought up some classic rock as well as Nirvana, which wasn't classic rock at the time but is considered it now. One thing I really enjoyed about replaying this over and over while making it, was episode 2 and 3 being in space. Sure the levels didn't exactly always fit, but the skies were very pretty and gave it a paticular mood that mixed with the MIDIs definitely made me want to boot up my own disasterpieces and replay this one especially through the years. Download CHAMBERS3

You may see a reoccurring vibe of me not liking my early doom wads. This actually isn't true. This is just a warning to the doom community that is looking for something better than the last thing they played. These aren't the greatest I'll actually admit to them being the worst if anyone ever suggests that, because it's probably true. I uploaded them to /idgames with the mindset I was archiving them, not exactly getting them reviewed. I didn't know the /newstuff chronicles was a thing back then. But all in all (excuses approaching) I was young, dumb, and didn't understand it all yet. I also just got doom literally a couple of months prior. So eventually when the day came to acknowledge /newstuff chronicles existed, I had a panel of judges for Nightmares of Loki and probably all the previous stuff that I'm not even trying to see unless it's for a good laugh, and man did they hate my shit back then! Keep in mind I was like 14 and no one taught me anything.