Social Media, Forums, and Chats

Second Life my brother and I used to communicate towns away with this before finding Steam chat. It rules.
Singularity a nice client for Second Life and OpenSim, converting Viewer 1.23 to modern technology
Phoenix Firestorm Viewer The second life viewer that I use/used that seems to be the best.
ActiveWorlds Home of the 3D Internet. Like second life. Build3D-Play-Chat is the subtitle. Activeworld's Largest Community Resource
Discord Gamer's Chat A downloadable or online-browser program. I use this to talk to the game devs
PalaceChat I paid in 1997 for a lifetime use of this chat software. It was $21. Now it's free to host your own graphical 2D server
HexChat I use this for IRC, a text-only internet chat relay protocol around since the 1980's
mIRC You can also use this for IRC

Reddit Because 4chan and 8chan suck, and a little moderation is good

MySpace the original social network, now completely different and not very used
SpaceHey a fully functioning and populated throwback version of myspace, and how it used to look/feel
Facebook if you do not know what this is, you're probably dead
Instagram formerly purchased by facebook, this is a photo sharing social media platform
Twitter mainly a place for important figures to interact with their fans, but can be used by anyone
There are countless others and lesser knowns. But I'm not a super social media fan to begin with!