Mario Improvement
Super Mario Bros Editor for DOS Released in 1997.

InsectDuel's SMB1 Util
Released in 2008. This package comes with SMB Mapper 1, a batch program file called Mapper, and other common utilities.

A Super Mario Bros Level Editor from 1999.

SMB Utility
Released in 2013 by MKS

BRAND NEW! for Windows 10 and prior down to XP. This is a powerful level editor for NES Super Mario Bros. It allows to create new areas, add, delete, move and resize objects on all areas, also can easily make pointers for pipes, vines etc. Also you can make a lot of modifications on an engine. Please note, that editor automatically converts ROM into the MMC3 mapper, so keep backup of original ROM.


SMB2 Discombobulator
A Super Mario Bros. 2 editor. Released in 2000.
Here’s what’s supported by the editor actually (version 0.96):
- Most of enemy editing
- Most of level objects
- All levels and areas are supported but some of them don’t display perfectly right
- Full header editing, although parts of it are unknown (probably unused)
- Level pointers can be changed and levels can be moved to unused space!
- All Worlds are shown with their graphics, but a few objects sometimes display wrong graphics.
- Support for SMB2 data in Mario All-Stars! However, although levels are stored exactly the same way, it doesn’t work as well as with the NES SMB2.
- You can also change a few things other than levels themselves but related to them (such as the level colors, character and enemy properties, number of levels in each world, etc.)
- Partial support for Doki Doki Panic! Many levels won’t work right but many others can still be edited!

A Super Mario Bros. 2 editor released in 2002, the only thing it can do right now is edit the enemies. Really good with the scrolling function.

SMB2 Transmogrificator
Based on the SMB2 Discombobulator, and released in 2007. This adds new features and reduces the number of bugs. Source code is included.

Super Mario Bros 2 NES Editor
An advanced Super Mario Bros 2 Level editor for the NES platform. In this editor you dont need to place any special objects, its will be placed automaticaly by editor. From author of NESPrincEd and Duck Tales 2 level editors. Source included.


SMB3 Discombobulator
The Super Mario Bros Editor I used for my own. Created in 2001.

SMB3 Map Editor
A full featured SMB3 level editor. Allows editing of tiles, pointers, sprites, starting spaces, airship retreat points, locks, and pipes on the map.

SMB3 Workshop
Created in 2007. This is an editor for the NES game Super Mario Bros. 3. It edits such things as pointers, graphics, palettes, variables, level header, etc.

SMB3 Foundry Windows
New in 2021. Also: LINUX and MAC