Going to do something drastic soon and rename the page(s)... just don't know quite what the hell it is yet
I'm just going to make seperate pages and put them on this server. one personal one with just my favorite shit, one with a massive collection of shit, and one that's just completely nutty as fuck. For now... Dybbuk's World is the most recent you'll get. The short-lived dybbuk is since dead, but the name will remain on all the last pages. I might have 3 new names for each page, who knows?


Bad news for Southpark Fans. comedy central is pissed off at all the sites allowing episodes to be downloaded. Now that I live in an area where I don't get cable, It kinda pisses me off that a program shown on tv for free can't be on the net for free. Also very bad news to ALL sp fans... It is rumored this third season will be the last, even though they signed for 70 episodes and haven't come close

I'm too serious and stuff on this page.