Welcome back to the 90's!

This is a throwback section to 2000 for my alias dybbuk which I am using again for any future doom releases I may have along with 2015's DELEHRIOUS. This whole area is just doom mods, bad and better. When I first started experimenting I was so proud of my one level that I duplicated 36 times that when I got a second to work, then more, I uploaded my progress one "megawad" at a time to /idgames on only to find that they get reviewed. I didn't know this. I did the same with Nightmares of Loki which you'll find on the second button. It wasn't the best, but it was probably 3 up from the worst ever. I spent off an on like 4 years on it here and there as I said. It still sucked. The rest of the buttons are for more modern stuff I'll explain now: ABADDONS is for a fake alternate universe-released shareware series of Abaddon 1-3. Abaddon games take place where id soft didn't exist. Abaddon 1 is the alternate Wolfenstein 3-D, while 2 and 3 were Doom and Quake. I'm planning 8 levels a piece as fake shareware. MAKEITGO is the Make It Go Away, Follow It Home, Send It To Hell, and Murder It Dead map quadrilogy I will have later. NEWSTORY is a new plot I've written long ago to take place of Doom's plot. It is called Otherworldly. It has a soundtrack, level names, MAPINFO edits, and a plot. I just need to do the levels and HAVE DETAIL this time. There are 20 intermission screens and my wife is doing pixel art for it. SINGLMAP is for single maps I make, PIXELART is a concept where I make 256 single color textures to emulate pixels and have images way far back in the level for a cool effect. I'll have 90 foot imps, etc as decor. MUSICMOD is the Absynthium and the future Andromeda and Apocalypso MP3 music packs for Doom II featuring my original tunes. Finally OTHERSTF is obviously other stuff. The artpiece to indicate this button is just people made of cheetos. Enjoy!