If you feel like wastin' some time... This is the first level I got to work over and over again with different alterations. I didn't know doomworld reviewed all the stuff, nor did I throw away a single level unless it more or less never functioned. All of the series were come up with as I was just learning. After I got other "shapes" and formats to work I just became obsessed with this one shape similar to a Z for sequel and trilogy purposes. I called the trilogy in 1994 "Chambers of Death" when it started, which if I'm not mistaken was November. Me redoing this series is pretty much just for my own personal amusement. If like I said you have time to waste feel free! It's good to practice DOOM combat without levels being the primary focus. This level format being made into full series' is a fun obsession of mine. I can test other things not having to do with level design as well, as you will see in Z-Chambers 4


CHAMBERS 1 1995 (Doom 1)
CHAMBERS 2 1995 (Doom 1)
CHAMBERS 3 1995 (Doom 1)
Z-CHAMBERS 4 2021 (Doom 2)
(A few test maps here and there ;)