Lo and Behold!
This got me some infamy points back in the day. It didn't help that I released it in 2003 when slapping stuff together wasn't a thing anymore. This would have been stellar in those days. Also at this time, source ports were becoming popular and vanilla "limited" levels had to go all out or call themselves classic throwbacks. It also didn't help I made huge undetailed boring levels that took 20 minutes to complete and offered zero eyecandy to keep it interesting.

I was so proud of myself for this one too. I used ancient paint shop pro to mess with the colors of all of the textures. I recolored like 60+ frames per enemy but can admit they look like shit. Having my dad scream into a microphone and adding echo so much that it sounded like a dying elepant didn't really fit what I was trying to do. I guess I "fucked around" too much to keep it serious.

It was meant to be puzzley and mysterious, but it was unanimously hated and considered shit. I'm planning a reboot in the same rebooted universe by a different title "Otherworldly." The story will paint a picture of the surrounding universe and plot after every single level in text. The levels will also hopefully be gorgeous and a little bit shorter. I am omitting the "four portal" rooms idea for each map as well. Hexen is great but, maybe instead I should make a seperate Hexen mod?