Dybbuk's Doom Page

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General Doom Stuff

id Software Official Website of course I need to add the official site, though it doesn't have anything anymore about the classics
MobyGames Screenshots includes the official DOOM screenshots

Source Ports

Regular Source Ports
GZDOOM /w LZDoom & ZDoom (obsolete)
Chocolate Doom
Doomsday jDoom jHeretic jHexen
Doom Legacy | EDGE | Eternity
PrBoom+ | ReMooD | Vavoom

Multiplayer Source Ports
Odamex designed to allow client/server-based Doom gameplay over the Internet and LAN
ZDaemon | stats for dybbuk

Comparison of Source Ports

Best Wads and Mods

Brutal Doom Well-known supermod in the Doom Community. Uses GZDoom
Major Arlene's Mods Known Youtuber in the Doom Community's Personal Masterpieces

Cheats and Walkthroughs

ClassicDoom.Com A text-only collective of Doom Information: Cheats for all consoles
Major Arlene's Youtube Channel Several walkthroughs to many doom wads
Full "The Ultimate DOOM" Walkthrough on Youtube. PS4, XB1, PC
Same with Doom II: Hell on Earth. Additional Final Boss Fight that cut off of the previous video.

WWW Links

Doom Megasites
Doomworld Forums The main doom page to my knowledge
Wad Archive A vast collection of doom wads with screenshots and info for each one
ClassicDoom.Com A text-only collective of Doom Information
DoomWiki.org | Doom Wiki @Fandom.com
Megawads.com My own attempt and approach at a massive doom megasite (work in progress)


Compilation of Doom Cartoons
Doom Cartoon What if Doom 2016 was realistic