The Station, Feedback Records, The Video Shop, Station 7 Studios, Visions Art Supplies, Zephyr's Arcade 2600, Comix Manga Anime, The Sports Bar, Edgar's Book Nook, PC Zone, Electronics Shop, Larry's Liquor, The Card Shop, Fashion Shop

K-12 School, The College, The Planetarium, The Hospital, The Law Office, Museum of History, The Science Lab, Museum of Classical Music, The Zoo, The Art Museum, Poet's Corner, Circle of Churches, The Office, House of Politics

Hobby Shack, Newbourne Identity, Nutrition Center, The Toy Store, The Gymnasium, Family Center, Home Improvement Shop, Steals and Deals, The Restaurant, Environment Shack, Pet Shop and Vet

The Homestead, Gardening Center, The Farmlands, Nature Center, Auto Shop, The Campgrounds, Tackle and Ammo, Antiques Shop, Travel Center