Released via publishers on Steam and GOG. I'm on soundtrack duty!!! I recorded over 100 tracks in half a year. There were 5 themes for the soundtrack as well: Medieval, Antarctic, Egyptian, Industrial, and Hell.

Project Warlock is a small pixel art FPS about a spellcasting gunslinger. It's a mix of run and gun gameplay with some modern twists.

The game includes:
- Over 50 different enemy types and very sparse amounts of hitscans and bullet sponges.
- 40 types of weapons to choose from. No reloading or aiming down sights. And no peashooters.
- Character progression with perks, spells and pretty serious weapon upgrades.
- Five episodes with distinct visuals, monsters and bosses.
- 60 handcrafted levels.
- additional game modes
- synth music with different tracks for every level. 105 counting outtakes

Someone kindly put the OST on Youtube, so now I don't have to!

Be sure to visit the official website, or the twitter feed, and finally the facebook page. Crowds at PAX East, See an Old Article, and finally a NEW Article with the Launch Trailer. We made PC Gamer's front page!!! ...And my favorite reviewer I used to binge watch did an excellent review of us: GGGmanlives and let's not forget the almightly Destructoid!. Seriously though, there are so many articles now I haven't even read them all.

Doom Co-Creator John Romero Approves!

"The real icing on the cake is the superb soundtrack. Borrowing inspiration from id Software once again, this soundtrack has a range of themes from metal, to melodic rock, to church-organ-style ambiance. Each level has its own theme, too, so the soundtrack is made up of around 65 distinct songs. It almost makes up for a few of the flaws in the gameplay, because I had a total blast listening to the music while shooting enemies to bits. The looping on the tracks isnít perfect, so you will hear a few rough hiccups as songs restart themselves. Still, you have to admire the dedication to creating an eight-minute rock song for a level that takes maybe three minutes to rush through. Thatís the kind of style I can get behind."

I was enlisted for Buckshot Softwareís music developer role in July of 2017. Iain Lockhart, the level designer was in a small team, Team Erebus, with myself a year before then and I was going to make some music and throw in some level design for a few mods we had wanted to do. Time passed and Iain disappeared. Next thing I know Iím granted permission to join a team working on a pretty elaborate Wolfenstein 3D clone by the name of Project Warlock. It had first been called Cataclysm 3D then Exitium 3D way back in its primitive days. Iím not sure how long the other guys were part of this but apparently the previous musician was a huge turd, wasnít well liked, and bailed on them when the project already had a publisher and was well into development with three themes. My task was to first pull off the Egyptian theme and the Antarctic theme in two months. It seemed easy enough, but I wasnít fully prepared without researching how exactly I would go about this. Luckily Jakub liked just about everything I submitted, but also luckily we had a more blunt David Key on the team to let me know exactly what was wrong with any track submitted so that the end result wasnít as cheezy as some of the outtakes you will find on the soundtrack, as well as some early versions of the tracks that ended up being used. I pulled some stock from some previously recorded goods and altered them to fit these new themes. In the end my favorite theme was my first theme, Egypt. This being because it was a solid theme and I knew exactly what they were asking for as opposed to the more abstract other four themes that were open for interpretation. With some help from Iain on drums for one of the tracks in the form of a solo, this was an all around production that in a sense required all parties to involve themselves in handpicking exactly what would come to be the final selections. Unfortunately Riccardoís treasured HUB theme I submitted in the early phases had to be scrapped so that Luke Wilson could add his finishing touches on the hub, theme, and half of hell. Luckily I found him just in time to properly create Hell, as his ominous uncomfortably melodies helped out a lot, and my guitar setup wasnít at the time working and still unfortunately isnít yet until I can get ahold of some new equipment. Still, I had a hell of a lot of fun and this has been a truly amazing experience finally getting my stuff out there and getting the opportunity to stand on Jakubís behalf while a video looped of Jakub himself who unfortunately didnít get to go to PAX East 2018 to promote his own game. I made it worthwhile I hope, and we were able to be reviewed by many publications since, thanks to my help and the help of the publishers who flew me out to Boston with hotel stays also free of charge. I hope to be on board with Buckshot Software for many years to come pumping out the classics and even hopefully some new modern creations that havenít been thought of yet. Jakub is quite the aspiring creator, who has at 19 masterminded a high selling game under his belt already. We all come from different countries, but will hopefully someday meet during one of our endeavors in game design. Feel free to follow us on some medium of social networking media and see what happens next!

it wasn't until project warlock was showing at pax east that I ever went to a convention.

So I was invited to promote Project Warlock at a PAX East convention April of 2018 in Boston, Massachusettes. Unfortunately for our programmer he couldn't get a visa in time, and no one else was from America but me. I was of course scared to death before doing something this huge because I had never been to a convention let alone hosted a game display on one.

All expenses were paid but I also paid to bring my fiance along for support. We had good eats, especially the lobster ravioli (The only way I could get Boston lobster without leaving the hotel room) and fig pizza. This is how and where I discovered Uber drivers and food delivery. We also discovered that thursday night that all of the tickets had sold out within the past few hours. Fortunately that Saturday I was able to pay a scalper $100 for a Sunday pass so she could finally see me at work. This is also the day I proposed ;)

It was a pretty fun place, like a huge party for independant game developers and fans. Big name companies and all the independant booth renters got to co-exist on one plane for the tens of thousands of masses that had showed up to check things out. The photo to the right is myself and our two publishers. This gave me a pretty good idea of just how big this game was getting. Out of the nearly 600 people that tested the game, well those who grabbed a sticker, I heard about 2 ALMOST bad reviews, when in reality they were just constructive criticism about the early levels on the demo. I also got to meet New Blood and they all joined in to try out our game. These guys did Amid Evil and Dusk in case you don't follow independant games. This was probably one of the most exciting weekends I've had in a very long time!