In early 2000 I bought a program by Sonic Foundry called ACID. It has since een bought out by Sony but is still being produced. I got my start technically doing a bunch of remixes just to sample the software and this was before they had an add-on called beatmapper so I had to figure out the beats per minute on my own. The first track was technically for the half disc phenomaly in 2004. The intro served better on this collection because of its machine-like qualities.

Tracks 2 through 10 through were created using only royalty-free loops that came on $50 loop libraries by Sonic Foundry that I basically chopped into tiny pieces and reconstructed with filters and other sound effects so that they were completely unrecognizable. There were a lot of good tracks that came from this short span for it being my first original creations on a computer.

Sure some of them are weird but they definitely had their good moments. I cut a few out that will appear on a collection of outtakes called Forgone. Track 11 was for a rap duo that ended up never existing named Entity. 12 was a sequel to 2, and 21 was part 3. They were completely different styles but shared the same beat mix that still sounds like machines. They had different purposes, the second being a soundtrack I never completed and a third existing on the half disc phenomaly which later became a full disc collection. The rest of the tracks were from what was going to be the next CD but I had so much to put on it that I put them here instead. Some were mechanical so I chose them for this one, but others were just from the 2001 era.