Delirium was first 19 tracks, and the beginning of what would be Songs From Orion Volume 4. I started in 2006 just after Continuum when I moved out from that apartment into a new one and the scenery changed. The theme drastically changed from dark to light but eerie. In 2011, instead of continuing, I decided Volume 4 would become Volume 3, Disc 2 and I released in 50 copies the initial "NOISEBOX" on one disc that had seven cds worth of stuff in lower quality MP3 files. I then created what was then titled simply Orion: Eclipse which became the second half of Volume 4 which then became the second third in 2013 when I made ten more tracks. These have been cut even more, and when I changed everything from Songs From Orion to 8-Bit Armageddon, this collection of three eps became Delirium.

Delirium's pieces since the change to Absynthium now have a fourth piece SOMNIUM EP. The previous pieces were ANTAGONY EP 2006, POLYBIUS EP 2011, and PIXELS EP 2013. The last 8 tracks were originally Armageddon's beginning, but instead I rebooted that whole mess to begin a whole new collection in 2017 just before I was asked to start working on Project Warlock.