This is the sequel to MAKINA featuring a lot more guitar and more to come for the next release ;)

"Blueprint of a Death Machine"

The next release just stated will be my first attempt at REAL Industrial, then I'll move onto other things.

released July 14, 2021

Cover artwork by Angi Triesch Guitar, keyboard, Some drum and synth programming by Jerry Lehr

Drums produced from several hacked up royalty free loops per track, also by Jerry Lehr, in the style of MAKINA.

"Garage Power" is a garage-band-style guitar strumming tribute to the 90's with some chopped up modern drum loops and randomness

"Killswitch" is an all-new set of two guitar riffs that accent each other well with some catchy beats going on.

"Evolve" is a mild techno experiment with gritty guitar added that goes along with it pretty well I feel

"Ritual" also merges some synth made with orion and catchy drumming with some guitar halfway through.

"Wires Crossed" is triphop-ish techno and is the ONLY track on this release without any guitar. I dig it. You should too. The bass is killer

"Boiling Point" is my favorite track on this release, the melody being its prime beauty, transitioning between 90's and 70's style guitar solos and riffs.

"Quiet" is another beautiful track. Soft and sweet.

"I/O" is stock drumming with a very catchy orion-synth-layer and some heavy gritty guitar.

"Automatic" belongs on Nirvana's Incesticide. Its like Big Long Now and Aero Zeppelin had a baby that died possessed me to do this.

To hear all of the rest and download this album, please donate $4 to the cause!!

Your generous small donation will earn you:

Kickstart - a riff I made 20 years ago that I never recorded, in the feel of Garage Power only nearly backwards, and some catchy beats.

Oxide - a slow noise tribute. Guitar of course exists as well as machinery and synth. Its a good backing track.

The Shift - another slow track with an oddly cool guitar riff and machine beat.

Connector A very catchy track merging the previous to Boiling Point.

Meloncholy Machine a country-western style soft track.

Fantasy Funeral a dark track with guitar picking up on this sombre goodness midway.

and Shockwave a simple ramoanes style punk tribute that bleeds into early "short bus" filter style.

*also includes a hidden track to burn to CD and not list.