MAKINA is a solo-created effort of machines and melodies, started in March of 2000 and finished in March of 2020. I am a one man show. I can't even put on a show unless I had sixteen arms.

This album is a wide range of strange, from heavily chopped and rearranged royalty-free beats given new personalities and styles, pitch-bended guitar, and weird melodies derived from the same process. The drumming can be double drumming or quadruple, 8x, 16x drumming and gets pretty inhumanly intense. I have used loops of synths and guitars, but now have added a lot of personally played/generated guitar and synth of my own. The end result is very eccentric and something worth checking out!

In the year 2000 I created "Defined Static", a machine opus by my alias "The Dybbuk." It was six tracks plus an intro added in 2004 plus four outtakes. Metallurgy was recorded in 2001 but not added until recently. It also exists on the Project Warlock OST. Now in 2020, it has had tracks created in just a couple of weeks of similar styles to complete a full CD of 80 minutes. There are two extra tracks, both appended to Track 30. The second of which was also an outtake from 2000.

WARNING: These are all instrumentals!!

released March 1, 2020