My newest addition to the albums is currently PLUGGED (2021).
My favorite song from said album is: Boiling Point.

The reasoning behind the albums after this in sequence being taken down is that they are being reworked. I have sources to a lot of the earlier tracks to remix them/remaster them as well as ideas for new songs to surround these tracks like I did with the remake of MAKINA. You can still hear them under this private album that isn't for sale:

This is my favorite album with the second now being Plugged (because of the catchiness of the songs on Plugged).

The Noise Diaries is returning to old album titles and adding a couple new ones: SOMBRIETY, MALADAPTIVE HUMANOID, PHENOMALY, EUPHORIAC & EUPHORIAC 2.0 EPS, and THE BEAUTY OF NOISE, which will be an all-new album like Plugged was (even being that it was considered by me a sequel to my first redux of my first album, MAKINA. SOMBRIETY and MALADAPTIVE HUMANOID will feature both halves of The Noise Diaries, Volume 1 along with some Anamorphosis tracks sprinkled around the second. These albums will also fill up 80 minutes with new bonus tracks as well as remixes from their original source data. PHENOMALY will be an expanded mix of tracks from the original 40min EP, which will also now be 80 Minutes. EUPHORIAC, my blackjack soundtrack from college, will now have an accompanying EP with it, EUPHORIAC 2.0, completely full of remixes and a couple bonus tracks in the same spirit. Finally, THE BEAUTY OF NOISE will be an all new album as a treat. It is undecided whether or not I will give the same treatment to The Absynthium Collective: OMNIUM, CONTINUUM I AND II, and DELIRIUM. However, they WILL have a sequel pack: The Absynthium Collective, Vol. 2: PANDEMONIUM, MOMENTUM, and CONTINUUM III as well as a possible EP set for DungeonSynth called SANCTUM. Be on the look out, as I will be pouring these out in no time!