This was towards the end of being in a band and just after high school. We drove around with a tape recorder picking up a friend of the night and freaked them out on purpose with pre-cherry nuisance music where we'd be annoying as shit then later on speed it up and put it on the internet. This didnt last long and I lost both the internet hosting and tapes, but hey, cherry was born. This would have been a done deal once I realized in 2000 making a follow up album to annoy friends even further was not as important as getting a job, but the next year found from the bassist after we disbanded, that Cherry Rounders had a fanclub on yahoo groups. Come to find out some dude in Chicago started it (Patrick Skerrett) when an abundance of people who found it on napster were downloading it. How the... fuck. Well it turns out also that napster shares all MP3s you have saved on your computer upon installing it. So there you have it. People posted it on facebook, myspace, newgrounds, youtube, None of these people are me, and I am not at all upset they posted my music and never will be. Post away!!! I love it.

In 2003 I started an actual album to take advantage of this while testing new software and equipment that I once again didn't release or finish due to needing a job. I noticed this pattern later, in 2006, when I tried it again, deciding to make a four CD long ass storytelling series of albums where each song is funny on its own but put them all together and they tell a long (but still short) story. It was actually beginning to be "too good" of music almost, like it was real. I then dropped it of course. Will and Jerry started in 2008 and was released in 2011, when I was again going to give cherry a shot with the same storyline albums. I never finished anything under this alias but the 1999 kind-of-album, but in 2021 wanted to just make a new album altogether for him to hide on itunes anonymously again without reference to myself. I don't care if you know I did professional stuff and this on the side. I'm alright with that now. I'll be making an album soon called "Waves of Nuisance" that will have no repeat songs this time from the previous three albums. If it gets any sort of response I'll probably go ahead on the storyline concept too just because. Much like the story for Otherworldly the game/mod, this is all still kept in full in my head for many, many years. It's retarded, but that's sort of the point!