Welcome to my website. Read on to see where each button leads. If you would like to see what's new for both the website and my regular life news, click DIARY. ABOUT will feature information about myself, the website, the studio, etc. For the Project Warlock soundtrack information or other soundtracks, click SDTRK. NOISE loads up the EPs that make up The Noise Diaries. SYNTH will feature the pre-soundtrack video gamey synth stuff under the alias Absynthium. FUNNY will be some tracks I make when I'm not in serious mode, or to test softwares or just have fun. BANDS will be minipages of my favorite bands or related bands with playable music. VIDEO will feature my youtube stuff and stuff made by friends for me. GAMES will house all my game design endeavors. DOOM2 will have my mods and megasite, while MARIO and SONIC will have mods for both. MARIO also has my own mario hack. RETRO will explain how to set up a tiny computer to play thousands of old games for 8-bit to 32-bit consoles on your TV via HDMI. INDIE will have some independant video games I own and small reviews of them. FILES will have some rare files, mainly stuff I owned in the past from the MS-DOS era. WIFEY will feature my wife Brianna's artwork on various mediums. She also did my website button art. The Cesspool of LINKS will be a massive index of my favorite places on the web both for you and for my own memory. Lastly, click WRITE to leave a message or send an email.