hollow grounds test map - for otherworldly
one massive level (MAP02 not MAP01) that's only going to get bigger once I fix the conversion so that the doors work again. feel free to clip around, bonus points if you can find all the cameras. the abandoned mines area that consists of the whole second half of the map has very few doors if you'd like to undo no clipping for that one and explore. i seemed to make it too dark though, i need to work on that. -"IDBEHOLDL"-

abaddon demo - side project
this will be three 10-MAP "games" arranged in episodes, in an alternate universe where wolfenstein was never made, nor was doom. this was the first game to "hit it big". possibly a community project

vintage 95 mockwad unfinished
kind of a scrapbook of my "just starting out" bad maps. there will be well over 200 accessable from the front hub once this pk3 is complete