Otherworldly will someday be one hell of a one-map mapping venture. Not only did I begin a pretty hefty-sized plot way back in 2004, but I made the hollow grounds map found in the downloads section way back in 2002. In case this page seems outdated, it's 11-13-17 as I type this ;)

Needless to say, I put it down for too long. I also had a 45-track soundtrack for it in MP3 format that was actually incredibly good compared to what some make in software like acid. I definitely searched and fine-tuned the exact type of samples I sought out. I also played guitar, keyboard, and chopped up all the drum loops heavily.

Anyways, the plot is awesome I think, and once you get to that special point I'm pretty sure you'll agree with me that it was worth it. Otherworldly will come in AT LEAST two if not four episodes, each being six chapters. Each chapter will have anywhere from 3-5 embedded levels that much like the demo I posted will have multiple levels packed inside of one.